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Recoil Springs in 35


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As I was reading proraptor's thread on cutting off coils and reading the responses from every one. I had a question pop into my empty skull... :blink:

As Flex I am sure will remember, I was trying to hard to make (i.e. modify) the gun work for me and not enough time working the gun and myself. I had reliability issues that were gettinig out of hand. I had lighter springs here and there. Different guide rods and mag springs.... Man it seemed out of hand. Then Master Flex slapped me in the face... :wacko: what he was telling me I did not like. But in the end I did it and all has been well for some time now. No problems except my ammo.... I also got a spankin for that too. :P

Now to my question, wouldn't lighter spring make the slide contact the frame? I know that I had seen some of this on my 35.

Or does the power factor play the role in that. All of this is just FMI I guess. I do not plan on changing anything. It caused to much :sick: for me.

Thanks for you time all

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