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little things that people say to help improve your shooting game

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We all know that we are not TGO, we all know that having a good grip, will allow you to control the gun better, and manage recoil better. We all know that points matter alot, and some of us still continue to shoot as fast as we can without getting the good hits. After we have been told that its not about speed,its a combination of speed and accuaracy, over and over etc, etc. My point is that, sometimes when people give other people advice, we sometimes take it with a grain of salt and not really analyze the full extent of how valuable the advice is. We sometimes say that I already know that, and thats as far as it goes. Maybe its the way its presented, maybe in a nonchalaunt way were it doesn't stick,or maybe its just a learing curve that all shooters must find out the hard way. or maybe its an ego thing. But if we stopped and listened and make a note of it and practice it, it may improve your scores. I have found myself, getting advice from other shooters, and telling myself yeah yeah I know that and it, and really never applied it, so I continued to make the same errors. Until later when it dawns on me that I should change that specific skill, to improve, and then it works, then what happens is that I wasted all that time that I could have been applying that new skill to my shooting, and could have been getting better scores,from the time that skill was presented to me. Call it what you want, human nature, call it ego. Just a little thing that I have noticed, I am sure we have all fallen into this trap. this post isn't just about the 2 examples I mentioned at first, its about all the little things that are fundamental in shoointg sports or shooting in general, I just used those examples, because those are pretty common errors people make. I think by bringing it to light, you may look at advice in a different way. Hopefully it will improve your shooting.

thanks for listening


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Well if its ego then look at it two ways. If your starting out and your lets say a D shooter with an ego which way

do you want people to talk about you?

He gets good hits but man he's slow ! or

Man he's fast but he needs to slow down a little to make the hits, that will come... :P

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I think it in our nature to want to figure out things on our own. For example how many times have you bought something that needed to be assembled, and you totaly disregard the instructions and start putting it together, then you come to a roadblock, and then you figure out that you put item together wrong and you have to start all over. You just wasted all that time, when you could have just read the instructions and it would go together like clockwork. We know we should read the instructions, We have been told by our wives or by ourselves that we should, but we disregard it. we or I have made this mistake numerous times, but when does it click or when does it sink in? I guess maybe this is a poor analogy, but I think you can get the picture.

We have been told numerous times to: call your shots, get a good grip, good stance, movement is important, etc, etc. but yet most of us still do the same thing over and over, and wonder why there is no improvement.

This site is full of tips that are awsome, I think alot of people, think they know them and go on shooting like they do and never progress, but its the little things that add up to a whole lot. (I am sure people are yeah, yeahing that one)

like some of the people who read this post, read it and say I already know that, but do you really? Do you spend the extra time to correct the problems that arise over and over?

Just something to think about

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PAPER KILLER, I think your post highlights why people just starting out tend to make progress faster at the begining of their shooting career than they do when they hit the magical "B" class give or take...the new guy has no ego, will listen, ask and absorb all he/she can because they know what they dont know...once someone has been doing it awhile, has read Brian's book and watched Matt's dvd's, all of a sudden they know what needs to be done and dont need anyone to point it out to them. Its refreshing to shoot with a new shooter and see their enthusiasm to gain knowledge and the rest of us could take a lesson from them no matter how long we've been at it we'll be better shooters for it I'm sure.

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Nice initial post Sean.

I have yet to meet a shooter that I couldn't learn something from.


I think it in our nature to want to figure out things on our own.

IMO that is a "Temperament-thing." So in that sense, it may be in "one's" nature.

In my experience - that can be either a blessing or a curse. ;)

I'm a real "figure it out" kind of guy. Nevertheless, I also MASSIVELY value advice or tips from others. But then again, I seem to be able to easily assess whether advice is worthwhile, or not. And I think that's a Temperament-thing as well.


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