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Production IPSC rules


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The S&W MP9 in production. I see some of you shooting this gun are running 4lbs or less triggers with non-production sights.

What/how would you set up a Production S&W MP9 to shoot a international match with IPSC rules. Who would you have do the work?


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Right now the rules are basically that you:

Can put any notch/post sights on the gun, as long as you do not alter the slide.

Can add grip tape (I suggest TruGrip from Eric Wesselman)

Can do minor polishing/detailing to the internals of the gun

Need to have a 5lbs. trigger on the first shot.

I would do the same to an M&P as I did to my Glock. Add nice sights, Trugrip and just shoot it.

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For IPSC, Bjorn is spot on with the M&P. Sights and TruGrip are the only 2 necessities the M&P really needs. I fiddled my trigger down to 4lbs, but at 5 it wasn't much different. You can really crisp up the action and keep it at a consistent 5lbs just by radiusing the striker safety plunger, reducing sear engagement and reducing overtravel, but it is fairly good box-stock. I love my sights and TruGrip though.

My current setup for USPSA:


Dawson Precision .100" wide F/O front sight

Dawson Precision std black rear sight

SSS stainless guide rod

ISMI 13lb recoil spring

custom 1lb trigger return spring and DIY 4lb trigger job

Blade-Tech Revolution holster w/DOH bracket

If you are not comfortable doing the work, Dan Burwell is a crowd favorite.

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So you know, technically a trigger job is not allowed under IPSC rules at all. The way it's worded, minor detailing to internal parts, leaves the door a little open. If you say that you had a burr on your sear that you removed, legal. If you say that you slicked up the trigger, even though it's still 5.5 lbs, welcome to open. There seems to be more semantics in IPSC Production than USPSA Production.

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The idea is to really shoot a PD gun straight out of the box, (in theory).

You are only allowed to remove burrs from the trigger, not tune it.

The 5lb trigger pull on the first shot is correct.

Any parts that you are allowed to change have to be OEM parts.

You are not allowed to reshape grips or add more than one layer of skateboard tape.

e.g (any grips that you are allowed to change, should be no larger or than the original grips).

Have a look at PD discussions on the Global Village.

Hope this helps.

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