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Quick IDPA speedloader carrier


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I can't recall if I've posted this one before, but if you're needing an IDPA-legal Comp III speedloader holder and you're handy with a utility knife, here's one fast alternative.

After getting called out for using wrongo clippy carriers at a tiny club match, I cast about for something legal. But since shooting IDPA isn't my major life's work, I wasn't looking to put too much effort into the project.

So I grabbed an old HKS leather carrier and sliced an arc off the top flap. I'd like to say I measured, checked, experimented, and calculated into the night.

But that wouldn't be true. I just hacked and got lucky.

This thing works utterly perfectly. You don't have to unsnap to get the loader; just pull. There's enough handle exposed to make the grab positive.

I can do handsprings (danged unlikely at my age, as Elmer Keith used to say) and the loaders won't come out.

For those of us who prefer leather, this has an advantage there, too. And HKS carriers are available everywhere.

You do wind up unsnapping the flaps for refilling after the run.

I suppose there's a faster carrier, by a tenth or two, but if you're just looking to get into the business, this works.



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