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I had a colonoscopy years ago when I was taken to the hospital for diverticulitis. Drinking the goop and blowing the poop was horrible. At least it was a short walk to the procedure room and back. I'm highly resistant to opiates for some reason so the Demerol cocktail didn't knock me out. It was about like 1 Heineken. Luckily the colonoscopy didn't hurt either. I was able to walk back to my room without trouble.


Fast forward to a new doc who says I should get another one. I tell the doc of my concerns since I live 80 miles away. How am I going to do the prep garbage, how am I going to drive home when they say I'll be loopy, etc. "Don't worry about it" he says. The hospital will tell me what to do and none of that will be a problem. I called them and they say they don't know what my doc is talking about, those ARE all problems. The desk person I'm talking to tells me they'll consult with someone and get back to me. Of course they didn't.


So how the hell does someone that doesn't have a wife to drive them everywhere get this handled? I can't be the first.

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On 6/19/2020 at 9:10 PM, pig4bill said:

So how the hell does someone that doesn't have a wife to drive them everywhere get this handled?


Assuming they were willing, I would probably try and find a reasonable cost hotel near the hospital and arrange for them to call me a cab to get me to my room after the procedure. If that didn't work I would advertise locally for a kid with a drivers license who wanted to make an easy buck. Good luck - may be in your shoes soon. 

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Female friend of mine was sick last year and put off going in for testing/treatment because of Covid.  In November she got an ambulance ride to the hospital and never made it home.  She was diagnosed with advanced colorectal cancer and was dead in four months.  I think everyone agrees that regular testing isn't fun or something we want to do.  But it's important because early detection and treatment is significant when it comes to achieving a positive outcome.

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