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With the increase in terrorism the FBI has decided that it needs to have dedicated,no questions asked,assassians in it's employ.They go through a rigorous selection process and are now down to the last three agents-two men and a woman.The FBI needs to know that their assassians can follow orders,no matter what.So,for the final test,agent number one-he is taken to a steel door,he is given a gun,he is told that behind the door is his wife.If he wants the job,he has to in to the room shut the door and kill her.Agent number one considers this only breifly and decides he can't do it.They let his wife out,tell him he doesn't have what it takes,and send him home.Agent number 2 is presented with the same test.He accepts the order and goes into the room with his wife.5 minutes later he comes out crying with his wife still alive.He is told he doesn't have what it takes and sent home.Agent number 3,the woman,is brought to the same test.She is told her husband is behind the door.She takes the gun and goes into the room.First one shot is heard,then several more shots.Then there is a pause...then there is crashing,banging and screaming heard from behind the door.Finally,after several minutes,Agent number 3 comes out of the room dragging her dead husband.She exclaims"The gun must've been filled with blanks!,I had to beat him to death with the chair!"

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