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Tow buddies Joe and Lou were tipping back a cool one and Joe says to Lou, "I don't have a college degree, I think I will go back and take some courses."

The next day finds Joe in the Dean's office going over a possible list of courses. After they settle on the standards of English, Math, Science, the Dean suggests Logic...

Joe asks the Dean, "What is Logic."

Well the Dean says, "Let me give you and example. Do you own a weedeater?"

Joe says, "Yes, I do have a weedeater."

"And from that, I logically assume that you have a yard."

Joe says, "Yes I do have a yard."

"And logic tells me that if you have a yard, you must have a home, also."

"Yes, I do have a home too."

"Following that same logic, I would think that you have a wife, and following it further, if you have a wife you are probably heterosexual."

"Yes." says Joe "I have a wife and am heterosexual."

"That is the way logic works." says the Dean.

Joe meets Lou at the bar the next day and can hardly wait to tell him about the courses he will take..

Joe says," I am taking Math, English, Science and Logic."

Lou asks, "What exactly is Logic?"

Joe smiles and says, "Do you have a weedeater?"


"Then you are a queer." :lol:

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Tightloop and his brother Merlin are at it again!!!!!!! :cheers:

Scotty..... The only weedeater you have is that goat that lives on top of the car sitting on blocks in your front yard...! :devil:

Merlin you are wrong again. The Car is in the back yard!! :closedeyes:

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