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Another razor/shave joke


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This American is in London for business when he realizes he forgot to bring extra razor blades. He goes into a drugstore and looks at the selection of razor blades for a minute and heads over to the guy behind the counter.

American: "I'm looking for razor blades and all I saw on the shelf were Wilkinson Sword brand blades. Don't you have any American blades?

Employee: "I'm afraid not sir, we only carry Wilkinson Sword brand, but I can assure you, they are of the highest quality possible."

American: "I'm sure they're fine, but I'd really like an American blade."

Employee: "Sir, Wilkinson Sword has been manufacturing the finest quality cutlery since the 1700s and were Royal Gun maker to King George III."

American: "Well, that does sound impressive, but are they really that good?"

Employee: "Absolutely sir. In fact, just a few weeks ago my wife accidentally swallowed one of my Wilkinson Sword blades. It gave her an appendectomy, a hysterectomy, circumsized the gardner and I STILL got three good shaves out of it."

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