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Pre and Post workout/shooting plans


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Ok so when I was shooting I was using a couple supplements to help keep me awake and moving. Since I'm back in training for some steel competitions I thought I would give you some insight to what I use to keep me shooting comfortably.

1. Multivitamin

2. Liquid Joint supplement

3. Some good NSAIDS non steroidal anti-inflammatories (Celebrex...Perscription, Naproxen(IB..)

4. Flax seed gels.

5. Occasional protein powder do to all those lovely branch chain amino acids.....

I would drink a Low sodium V8( lots of potassium) and have various foods on hand like almonds, ground oats, and some things that had simple sugars and proteins.

Sometimes a protein shake that had alot of COMPLEX carbs.

If you intend on supplementing I would first consult a PHYSICIAN and see if it would help or hurt you.

Some people are allergic to shellfish which is a prime ingredient in many joint supplements.

Some people take to many vitamins and cause more damage then anything else.

Remember most of all supplements are not regulated my the FDA

Don't buy into a lot of the marketing hype b.s.

Trust me I'm not one to eat like this all the time I'm very normal. :cheers: I like to eat a burger once and a while and some junk food. :surprise: I just believe in moderation and the proper preparation the day before a match.

Hope this helped.

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