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Just got home from picking my wife up from work and found one of our cats, Tigger, behind my daughters bed. He has been very sick of late, but has still been very much a part of the family, perched in his usual spot atop the couch every evening. We were very worried when we went to my folks house for Christmas that he might be gone when we got home. Fortunately, he was still with us when we came home yesterday. I guess he wanted to give us one last present by not leaving on Christmas.

My wife and I rescued Tigger and his sister Kitty during the first year of our marriage, right after moving to the DFW area. I had just gotten home from work and was walking from my car to our apartment when I saw an animal control officer with the apt. manager. They were walking to the apartment below ours to pick up a couple of kittens that had been abandoned by a tenant. I asked if I could see them and that my wife and I were wanting to get a cat. I got my wife to come down to the apartment where she took one look at the two fuzzballs, who were filthy, starving and flea-covered, and had to have them both. The apt. manager said we could have them both for one pet deposit and the the animal control officer was happy because that was just that much less paperwork for him to do. We have had the both of them ever since, through many trials and tribulations, moves and life changes, births and deaths. Tigger was a good cat and I did not think it would hurt like this when he finally left.

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