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Lost my Dad tonight


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I just wanted to thank everyone for the support. This community is incredible. I actually shot a match today, I hadn't planned on it, but I had to get my mind on something else. The guys were great and it helped alot. I realize many here have gone through this, but it is odd when you find yourself looking up a "what to do after a death" checklist on the internet so you can start to cover the bases. My dad's wife is Chilean, and although she is educated and very capable it is new to her as well.

Anyway, again thanks so much for all the kind thoughts and words. Craig

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I lost my father earlier this year, and no matter what any one says to you it cannot help the hurt you are feeling. Let it go and let the hurt remind you of him, and then remember all the good times and all the life lessons he taught you, no matter what your relationship was with him, I am sure he did somethings that you just know made him a good man. Keep those memories and try to do things in your life that would have made him proud of you, that is all he would have wanted, that is all any father wants from his children.

Keep a stiff upper lip, and remember, be a good man in a storm!


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