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A Fellow Wheel Gun Shooter Is Lost


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Tuesday I lost one of my best friends and a great shooter Jeff Berger at age 53.

Jeff never shot USPSA but won many state and regional matches in IDPA... and he always did it the hard way..... competing in SSR with 1950s and 1960s vintage revolvers drawn from classic leather holsters. He even carried his speed loaders loose in his vest pocket... because that was the way he thought it should be done.

Many will miss him ... my road trips will never be the same.

God bless his wife and two sons.

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I'm very saddened by the news of Jeff's passing. I didn't know Jeff very well in the short time I knew him. I did, however, have the pleasure of competing alongside him on several occasions and always walked away feeling richer from our conversations. He truly was a shining example for us all and a great credit to our shooting sport. My deepest condolences to his family.

I hope you find peace where ever you are Jeff.......

God Bless,


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I knew Jeff Berger for 30 years. We worked together at Elderly Instruments, a music store in Lansing, Michigan during the 1970's. Jeff was attending Michigan State University earning an engineering degree. Jeff was always one of my favorite friends. It was a real treat to be with him both on and off the range.

His death was a shock to family and friends alike, very unexpected. Jeff leaves behind a lovely wife and two fine sons in their 20's.

Jeff excelled in his every endeavor. He played guitar much better than I shoot. He became an accomplished shooter in his few short years competing in IDPA.

He loved his wife, loved his kids, loved his Smiths, loved his guitars, loved his home and surrounding land that was restored to prime wildlife habitat. He had all the business he could handle with his own consulting business.

The unfairness of Jeff's untilmely death is very hard to bear, he was only 53. This is all so hard to handle; first Bilby, then Bever and now Berger gone from the ranges in Michigan forever. I had looked forward to shooting with Jeff every summer Saturday until we were too old to see the sights. Brothers in arms, always. R.I.P.

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well its hard to put into words things that can comfort anyone, when things of this nature happen we all ask our selves what and why and how. but god has chosen a differant plan for jeff , he was a bright good honest freind and shooter. i remember him comming to our club and shooting and always having such a great time. he had a great time where ever he was, this along with all the many thoughts all of us are having and will have for many years to come will never be happy with the answers we recive, all we can due is truly love and care for each other down here on earth and we will see him that day when we depart on our own jounery.

his family should know they are not alone in there loss we share with them this awful terriable sence of pain, he will be with us in our hearts and minds for the rest of our lives. he was and is one of the niceset guys i had the pleasure to come in contact with, as it has been said so many times he may be gone but never forogten.

may god bless his family and freinds and keep us all safe thru this christmas holidays and for many years to come.

your freind

jack allen

v.p wayne county raccoon hunters org.

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My Mom died tonight, after two heart attacks in two weeks. R.I.P. She was 81, yesterday, and lived just long enough to see my daughter one last time. Mom saved my life from drowning when I was only five, I will never forget that day and I regret that I never was able to return the favor. I did everything that I could but nothing I could do would keep her here after today. I thank my family and friends for their sympathy. This was the worst week of my life, my Mom and my favorite friend passsing in the same week. But this will serve to make all our lives better. The words of my friend, Jack, are not those of a professional writer, but he has sent me words in private that are those of a very wise and eloquent person. No one ever said life would be easy, everything worth anything is a hell of a lot of work.

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I first met Jeff at the State match in Williamston a couple of years ago. We were both competiting in SSR that year and he made it a point to search me out to talk with me. Jeff and I met at several matches after that and I always enjoyed our friendly competition and talks about how to improve our skills in SSR and ESR. I always looked forward to seeing him and I know that he will be missed. Too many are being taken too young.

I am also sorry to hear about your loss Bart, it has been a devestating year for so many of us.

Greg Papendick

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I'd like to add my condolences to those already expressed. I always looked forward to being squadded with Jeff, both at Capitol City and at Linden. He was a genuinely nice guy and always fun to be around. I had the pleasure of meeting his wife a couple years back, and shooting with his son Seth this past summer. My prayers are with them.

Bart, I had no idea your Mom had been ill, and I'm very sorry to hear of her passing. You've had a terrible time the past couple weeks, and I'll add prayers for your family, too.

Wally Palazzolo

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We are from the Linden club, and we have had the privilege of getting to know lots of shooters over the past few years as RO's and competitors. We have especially enjoyed the team from Capital City - and always look forward to seeing this crowd. Jeff was in this special group, always happy to be with others enjoying the sport regardless of the scores or weather. He enjoyed shooting, cookies and was quick to congratulate others doing well. We will greatly miss his presence and smile. Our prayers are with you and your family. take care.

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I met Jeff 3 years ago I think it was at capital city state match. Jeff was shooting vintage revolver

so naturally I wanted to meet him and talk to him. From the moment I met Jeff there was an instant

connection between us. As if we had been friends our whole life.

All the matches that I have attended where Jeff was present he would track me down

before I had a chance to find him. We would share info on the internal works of the revolver, some

of the work once explained to Jeff as to why you did that and you could see the light come on in Jeffs

eyes. Jeff was a very smart and intellegent man. He would pick up on what you were talking about instantly

and also elaborate even further, on things you haven't thought of yet.

As others have said, Our very dear friends are squaded togther in heaven.

we have lost too many friends in the past year. Too many good people to list.

Let us cherish the time we do have with our friends and family

I know that is what Jeff would want us to do.

Jeff is gone

But will not be forgotten

prayers go uout to his family and to his wife.

Gary Cuttitta

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