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Leroy Spangler


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Our buddy from the Bedford, VA area LEROY SPANGLER was called to duty for a higher task on November 30. He will be interred at a later date at Arlington National Cemetary.

Leroy was a regular at all the VA matches, the Bianchi Cup and travelled to most of the matches that Kevin shot in the SW, NE and midwest.

Leroy was tenacious at his shooting, yet had an incerdible sense of humor about. He would have the same demeanor and laughter if he shot 480 on the plates, or if he missed the entire first or last rack once he left the field. He would laugh, shake it off and go on.

Leroy's Easter Egg brass is famous world wide. From time to time I would not bother to pick up some of my own brass, but if I spotted a piece of Leroy's Easter Egg brass, I would pick it up, sometimes carry a few pieces around for nearly a year, until I saw Leroy again, to give him his brass back. I know of many others who did this as well. We are a strange bunch aren't we.

To coin an old phrase; LEROY SPANGLER..... he is a good egg.

You will be remembered.........Here is to you Leroy :cheers:


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I apologize if this seems like rambling but this has been one hell of a bad week and it's still going.

The best I can remember I met Leroy about 3 1/2 years ago at an IPSC match in Roanoke. He was shooting a Springfield Mil Spec 38 Super. He had just started shooting and was having a hard time with it. Soon after Alan got him started shooting A/P. He tried a revolver but saw how much fun we were having shooting the auto he had our gunsmith build him a 38 Super Open gun. His shooting progressed rapidly after that. He used the gun to win Marksman class at the 2005 Bianchi Cup.

Not long after he started shooting Alan hooked us up and he started helping me with my work. We travelled over 100,000 miles together working and shooting matches when we could. I enjoyed every minute of it. He brought back my enthusiasm for my work and my shooting.

Leroy was born and raised in Ballard, WV. A little spot on the map next to Peterstown and the VA border. He told me a couple of stories that I'd like to share. It was the early 60's and he told me that he was bored and wanted to go to the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville. He walked out to the highway and hitch hicked to Nashville. He returned 4 or 5 days later to find his Mother furious with him. He hadn't told her where he was going. Not long after he told his Mother that he was going to watch Richard Petty drive a race car. She thought yeah, right. Sure enough, he hitched a few rides and ended up in Charlotte. Upon his return 4 days later his Mother wanted to know where he went. He said "I told you I was going to watch Richard Petty drive a race car. See, here's my ticket." She couldn't punish him after that because he did tell her where he was going even though she didn't believe it. He had to be 11 or 12 when he did this. That's just a little insight to how much of an independent spirit that he had.

This year he and I shot 12 Registered A/P matches and countless club matches including one in Hutchinson, KS and Tallahassee, FL. He came in 2nd at the Michigan State and Regional matches. He won Expert class in the Kansas City Regional. He is the 2007 TX State Rimfire Champion even though he was in a great deal of pain. He beat me by a slim margin but I couldn't have been prouder of him. We were without a doubt the most active A/P shooters in the country. I'm happy to say that he was the most active because he shot multiple guns whenever he could.

I didn't know him very long but the time that I did have with him flew by way too fast. We worked hard and played hard. He has been everywhere I work and the memories hit hard. I miss him terribly.

Leroy had a hard time with the plates until recently. He would always miss the first plate. So much so that back to 20 yards the first plate would barely have a scratch. Ruthie Conn from MS always has what she calls the "Ruthie awards" before the awards banquet at Bianchi. In 2005 she gave him a dinner plate that represented the "Leroy plate" that he would usually miss. From then on if you missed the first plate, you were told that you missed the "Leroy plate". To honor him there will be a side match at the Hillbilly Cup from now on. It will be called the "Leroy Plate" event. If you hit the first plate at any distance you are out. The shooter that hits the most plates without touching the first wins.

I want to thank Alan and Andy for putting a gun in my hand on Sunday. I didn't feel like pulling a trigger again but I felt better about it afterwards. We had so much fun shooting with him that I didn't think that I could enjoy it without him. It will be difficult without him but I believe he would be mad at me if I quit.

I'm sure he's in heaven shooting 1920's with John Cameron and saying "why didn't I think of that before".

Godspeed, my friend. You touched more people in more ways than you could have ever realized.


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Kevin, I will treasure the time I got to spend with you and Leroy at the Steel Nats this year. It was evident that Leroy loved the shooting sports and my gut told me he was a good egg. I only wish I had been able to get to know him better. Just appreciate his friendship and the memories you will have from now on....

Peace with you both.....


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