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Nyle Leatham


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Rod and I have a copy of " Beyond the Wild Bunch" a book about cowboy shooting. Nyle autographed it for us as he did the pictures...It is one of our greatest treasures....

Our prayers to Rob, Kippi, Carol, and the whole family

Nyle will be greatly missed...we loved him


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My condolences to the entire Leatham family. I am so sorry for your loss.

Whenever I saw a truly great shooting photograph, almost invariably it had "Nyle Leatham" as the byline. To me, bringing the greatest sport on earth to the people in a beautiful and informative way as Mr. Leatham did is one of the greatest achievements. I always enjoyed his work.

I know it's late, but thank you Nyle Leatham for giving me so much enjoyment over the years. I literally grew up looking at and forward to your work. I don't understand the reasons why good people must be taken from us so soon. I hope it's part of some logical plan that I'm not privy to, but you will never be forgotten.


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Rob, Kippi and family,

I am so sorry for your loss. This is indeed a loss for us all.

I am lucky to have been one of many to have called Nyle "Dad" because he was there for us always.

While sad for his loss, I, like others, am so blessed to have spent quality time with him.

We can only let him be seen through our own actions now. And that is something those that knew Nyle should own.

God Speed!


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What a rough month. I had the honor and pure pleasure of meeting Nyle on my first trip to AZ to hang out with Matt B. Nyle was in the bay next door with Robbie teaching LE and got a picture with me and Nyle. A genuinely open and honest man who happily shook the hand and listened and talked to folks as if they were old friends.

My heart goes out to Rob, Kippi and family. This has been a rough month and looks like it has no limits.

God Bless.


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When I first came over to the US and Mesa, Arizona in 1994, to shoot [at the Rio Salado range] I got to know Nyle and his family right away. Nyle was one of the first people to invite me over to his house. My and my buddy Ivar who had both quit our jobs to spend six months in the US to fully focus on shooting were taken aback by Nyle and his wife Carol's hospitality and friendliness. They invited us over for food, talk about shooting, life and made us feel very welcomed to the United States. Those were truly great days of my life and it felt truly incredible to be welcomed in such a way. Nyle and I have been great friends since and seen each other trough the years at shooting matches all over the world and of course at the Rio Salado range. I've been over at his house a few more times since 94 and when Rob told me at the Desert Classic that Nyle was sick, Brian and I drove over to his house and spent a couple of hours talking over a wide span of topics with him. He was in great spirits, entertained us with his stories, knowledge and we got to relive many memories. A huge resource of information he told us about things about shooting, Arizona history, Dillon, pictures and people we otherwise would never have know about. We are all surprised he passed away so quickly, but I am truly appreciative to have known him and that we were able to visit with him one last time. He had a great impact on the shooting community and his family now sits on a tremendous wealth of shooting pictures that I can only hope will be made available in one form or another. In the late 90's I went over to Nyle to look over pictures he's taken through the years and it is an archive that is unbelievable. It documents the evolution of our practical shooting sport in a way beyond you can imagine. I think it would be great if his shooting pictures were made available online so that we can browse, pick and download the original raw pictures. Personally I'm willing to pay for them and I think others will too. Nyle has given me pictures he's taken of me from matches in the past and I know there is a huge resource in his basement that I would love to see made available to the shooting community. Practical shooting is what we love and it is what Nyle loved too.


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I remember meeting him at the Nationals in the late 80's. He was a exceptional gentleman and really made me feel welcome. Truth is he had no horse in the race for that end.

In those days he was not only the main photographer for USPSA promotion but he was also trying to support his son in winning his 4th or 5th Nationals not sure but its was a different time, I think, for the family.

If you never met him I can assure you that you would have enjoyed his wit and his manner.

Thanks, we will miss you, Nyle.


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The entire staff of Dillon Precision is mourning the loss of our friend and co-worker. I worked with Nyle for well over twenty years, and Nyle and Mike Dillon's friendship goes back at least to the 1960's. For background, Nyle was a photographer in the U.S. Air Force in the 1950s, then worked as a photographer for Air Progress , then the Arizona Republic until 1989. His work graced many issues of Arizona Highways, American Handgunner, Front Sight, American Rifleman, and many other firearms publications.Nyle provided the photographs for a book I wrote on Cowboy Action Shooting. Nyle was one of Dillon's house photographers, and took many of the Blue Press covers.

Nyle had become a repository for historical documents and photos from the founding of IPSC, and was working on a history of the sport.

Nyle was truly a good person. His strong family values and belief in God made him a humble and gracious man. He appreciated all of God's handiwork, from landscapes and sunsets, to the models that graced the Blue Press covers. He was devoted to his wife, Carol, all of his children, and Abbie, his frolicing canine companion.

As my sometime car pool carmate, Nyle and I enjoyed many conversions, often punctuated by requests to pull over so he could photograph a sunset or striking cloud formation over Four Peaks or the Supes. I am proud to call Nyle my friend, and am a better person for having known him. I miss him greatly,

as do we all here.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the entire Leatham family.

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