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Shooting It Clean


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After 4 and half months, I finally shot my first clean match...no mikes, no no-shoots. :D I had made it through 4 out of 6 stages clean before, but bombed on 5 & 6, ruining my afternoon. I did it this time, in low light, after working all day, at a super relaxed night match. So much pressure just got taken off of my shoulders, even though I know it was self inflicted. Now to crank the speed up another notch and keep it together on classifiers instead of my normal meltdown. One target at a time.

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I have yet to do it!!!

Nearly made it last weekend at the South Florida Single Stack!!!! Second to last stage I threw a Mike at a 15 yard Zebra target, last shot of the stage.

Oh well, that is twice I have come close, but no Monica Lewinsky yet for me :angry2:

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