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Rise Against

Killswitch Engage

30 Seconds to Mars



As I Lay Dying

Bullet for my Valentine


Shadows Fall


Element Eighty



Alot of metal, hard rock, punk, little rap

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Stuck Mojo RAWKS!

\ m /:bow:\ m /

Are you stuck in a hotel about 2 hours from the middle of nowhere with a large quantity of beer and a laptop again ??


How did you know? I am in Kzoo working on a 10 mile high tension power line. There is no beer left and I've consumed the last MRE. I think the flameless heaters are making me high. Maybe I shouldn't use them in the room? :wacko:

I know that my post count increases in direct proportion with the amount of time that I spend in hotels. I need to get home.

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Wow! Thanks for turning me on to Woods of Ypres. I am going to dig into their catalog for sure. :cheers:

Now...it is my duty as a card carrying metal head to post the following video. The new Cannibal Corpse album is awesome. It sounds just like...well...Cannibal Corpse. You know, like AC/DC. You always know what you are going to get. Here is a groove-tastic track:


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For stellar modern instrumental bluegrass look up:

Goat Rodeo Sessions

Strength in Numbers

Bela Fleck - best banjo player alive now that Earl passed away:

Bluegrass album: Drive

Classical: Perpetuo Moto (spelling?)

Jazz: any Flecktones album but particularly Left of Cool

Anything by Edgar Meyer

Most distinctive vocals ever:

Tim Waits, favorite album is Real Gone

There, that list should keep anyone interested in something new busy for a few years.

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The Steeldriver

The Infamous Stringdusters

Doc Watson

Bill Monroe

Dropkick Murphy's

Floggy Molly

The Chieftains

Trans Siberian Orchestra

Clint Black

John Denver

Johnny Horton

Johnny Cash

Drowning Pool


Just to name a few.

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This was my birthday show 3 years ago. Everyone plays in stadiums and wins grammys now, but for one brief moment, it felt like the world was watching and waiting. This is dubstep.

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