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Anything by...

Led Zellpen

Jethro Tull

Eric Clapton

Jimi Hendrix (especially Angel)

Almost Anything by...

Pink Floyd

The Greatful Dead

Neil Young

Joe Satriani

Steve Morse

Steve Vai

Early Works of...

Black Sabbath

John Prine

Frank Zappa (Rock Recordings, havent dabbled in his Jazz works yet)

Greatings from Asbury Park NJ- Bruce Springsteen

From a Radio Engine to the Photon Wing - Michael Nesmith

(We Are Awake, and The Other Room are excellent)

Theres more but its even later and I'm more tired!    (see books)

OK, I'm 44 and have a Pony Tail n Beard.  

But I aint a Freakin Liberal!  

1911, P226, couple of  AR-15's n a Sweet lil Mossbreg 500 20" 8rnd

 12ga w/pistol grip n fold over stock.


(Edited by GunRunner at 4:21 pm on Nov. 28, 2001)

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OK, I don't know if anyone here is into funky jazz, but I heard some pretty great stuff on the local jazz station this morning from the Paris Combo.  The album is called Living Room.  It's all in French, but very intelligible to an American francophile.   You can listen to album clips on barnesandnoble.com.  If you're into the Squirrel Nut Zippers, you'll love this stuff.



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Hi Travis, No i don't play, several failed attempts at guitar. Seemed like everytime i'd get back into it something happened to take my pratice time away. The name i chose here (GunRunner) was from a local top 20's band a few years ago. I worked with their Ex Lead Guitarist and he was giving me lessons, but both of us being on call 24/7 and his expanding family left little time/opportunity for lessons. Had a nice Kramer F6000 (strat style)  w/Floyd Rose Trem. and locking nut, Semour Duncan pickus (2 single 1 humbucker), Trem Setter, strung with Dean Markley Blue Steel, thru a Fender Champ 12 (excellent distortion and sustain). Ended up selling them after they collected dust for a couple of years, they deserved to be played. If i get time, opportunity and $$$ in the future i'd like to get a Les Paul, my finger size really needs the larger neck, and i'll never be able to have the reach of Vai or Hendrix. As IF i could ever play in their league.

But i love Excellent Guitar work!

Frank Zappa could make a guitar talk too.

You play?

BTW Congrats!

From what i've read here you deserved the spot!


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Tool (Duh!!!)

old Metallica (pre-Black album)

old Megadeth (pre-Youthanasia)

Incubus (new one rocks!!!)

Flotsem and Jetsem

Alice in Chains


Rev. Horton Heat

John Lee Hooker


Better Than Ezra

Days of the New

Tantric (the band sicko's!!!)

System of a Down


any Dave Matthew's live album

AC/DC (especially the live album)

Pink Floyd (especially Delicate Sound of Thunder)

The Why Store

Green Day

Blink 182

Ben Folds

any Christmas music ever performed by the Cavalier's(drum and bugle corps) especially O Come Ye Marry Gentleman

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My music fav's (very eclectic taste)

Diana Krall

Dave Brubeck

Oscar Peterson

Antonio Jobim

Miles Davis

Tony Bennett

Holly Cole Trio (older stuff)

Stevie Ray Vaughan

John Lee Hooker

Joe Satriani

Kenny Wayne Sheppard

Dave Matthews


Green Day

Puddle of Mud


Temple of the Dog


Pearl Jam


Black Sabbath (older)

Dixie Chicks

Faith Hill

Billy Joel

Natalie Mc Master

Jesse Cook


Beastie Boys

Max Webster

Sum 41

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My brother sent me some CD's of music that he and I listened to in our "formative years" .  John Mayall and the Blues Breakers and Paul Butterfield's "East/West" .   Haven't heard this stuff in a long long time.  That Mike Bloomfield was one damn good guitar player!

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Pete Yorne. musicforthemorningafter

cool cool CD

Just wrestled The Feelers' "Communicate " album off the wife. They're a local (Kiwi) band (read Aussie if they're sucessful!) and the album is brilliant

(Edited by Phil Dunlop at 6:55 pm on May 29, 2002)

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Last night on Letterman, Willie Nelson and Lyle Lovett did a flawless version of the late Towns Van Zant's PANCHO AND LEFTY. It was amazing, and I wish I had a tape of it.

I listen to the sound track of GHOST DOG every couple of days. It helps me write....


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Blue...  Screaming Cheetah Wheelies rock man!!!

addendum to my list...

Slayer - no joke.  I am not one who can sit down and listen to a CD front to back, but I just got God Hates us All.  Wow!!!  I can't really understand the lyrics well, but technically and musically, it is just amazing.  Now, I have to preface, with this music (Slipknot is another amazing band that falls here also) you have to really LISTEN b/c there is a lot going on, and its happening really fast.

Default - another great Canadian band (right up there with Big Wreck, IMO).

Fumanchu - sorta like the Screaming Cheetah Wheelies

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A small sample



James Brown

Matrix Soundtrack

Diana Krall

Louis Armstrong

Junior Brown

Albert Collins

BB King

Prince (in his prime)

Squirrel nut zippers

Aerosmith  ("just push play" is a great goin'-to match song...

"we goin, we goin, we-goin to match...

And if you think you're gonna, just shoot in the a- box fast.

Just shoot A's, F'in A, just shoot A's, you're gonna hit em' anyway...)

and since I work in Record stores, my favorite music is...

Rush Limbaugh.


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Jimi Hendrix


Black Sabbath





Al DiMeola

Any performance by Itzhak Perlman

Rolling Stones

Buddy Guy

Van Halen

ZZ Top (Tres Hombres only....)

Yngwie Malmsteen

Steely Dan (stop snickering!)


Jeff Beck

Led Zeppelin

and more......

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Blue October (especially "Independently Happy")

Bowling for Soup


Simon and Garfunkel

Wyclef Jean (The Carnival was great, his latest stuff has gone downhill)


Van Halen

Rage Against the Machine

Johnny Cash

Garth Brooks

Toby Keith


2pac (All Eyez on Me was great)

Poe (This chick is just awesome!!!)


Black Crowes (Kate Hudson is the Yoko Ono of our generation... :angry: )


Cowboy Mouth

Beach Boys





Pearl Jam (Ten and Vs. are two must-have cds)

Jack Johnson

Bare Naked Ladies

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Tom Cochrane ( solo and with Red Rider)

Alice in Chains

AC/DC (with Bon Scott)

The Who (also Pete's solo stuff)

The Black Crowes

Van Halen (with Sammy Hagar)

* Just about any of the Motown stuff from the "early days" except the Jackson Five.


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I don't like bands per se but here are some CD's in my car:

Ill Nino




Freddy v. Jason sound track


All the Matrix sound tracks

Gladiator sound track

Metallica's and Justice for all!



and some CD's I'm not going to publicly admit.

no Crap (country and rap combined)

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