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Reloading Benches

Jerome Poiret

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urnsrus love the stool, how much and where? lol

Very nice setup, i'm still working on the building.. running off of extension cords now, getting the electric wired up soon

SG, Why not fortify inside you'd never have to tell anyone about it ;) just make it look normal..... i find the less conspicuous the better.

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Steve, there are three stools in thar....one has a wheel on it that gets used just before a big match to get my fat a** back into some shape, one stool is from my old shop class in High School...we won't talk about how long ago, and the other (red one in the back) I think it came as a gift from Hammacher Schlemmer sp? not sure.

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That didn't work !

Can anyone tell me how you post a pic. in a post?

i've uploaded the picture to Yahoophotos, but when i try to post the link to it i get a dynamic links not allowed message.




i've just found the help i am asking for !

Never was much good at finding things right under my nose. :)

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Actually, my reloading room / bench is a loft built over one of the parking bays in my garage. It gives me a dedicated, semi secure area to do all my reloading and gun related stuff. Heated and A/C as well as out of the prying eyes of anyone that comes into the garage.

I bought my first reloader, a Lee pound it for sizing and powder dippers to measure. I then bough a RCBS “D” press which I still use.

My first Dillon was the 550 which I upgraded to everything I could. I now use it for small primer rounds.

When we refinanced the house, I treated myself to a 650 with all the trimmings. Bought all the caliber conversions I use, large & small everything, but after reading the threads on change over, I leave it set for large pistol.

Only one downside to my set up is the low ceiling, can't use the strong mount and bullet tray I bough. Since the 650 is mounted to a ½ thick 6061 T-6 aluminum plate bolted to the salvaged computer desk everything is rock solid. Even my chairs came from my old office so they are easy on the back.

I also have a TV, stereo / CD player and wireless laptop to do look up of anything I need. What more could a guy ask for in a 10 x 10 free room? Luckily the ceiling in the garage is 18 ft so this setup works very well.





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You have got quite the system there! Add a micorwave and fridge my wife would never get me out of there! :lol:

Not to worry, the fridge is at the bottom of the stairs. What I really would love to have would be plumbing, so I wouldn't have to leave when nature calls.

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Ok, here's where I spend all my time.

Over the years I have reloaded in closets, on picnic tables, and on every rickety surface that you could bolt a press to.

I finally got sick of it and fabricated a real bench

The legs are made of 2 1/2" x 2 1/2" x 1/4" structural steel and the frame is 3 x 3 x 1/4 angle iron.

The top is made of 7 ga plate steel.

It has 5/8 bolts threaded into the bottom of the legs for leveling and the back of the table top frame is lag bolted to the wall.

It is solid. :wub:



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