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Natural Point Of Aim (npa) & Index

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This FAQs thread was started by jhgtyre and lost during the conversion:

NPA and Index

What the heck is NPA? -TDean

Natural Point of Aim...not to be confused with Index. -Pat Harrison

The principles of the Index are:

1) The shoulders should be square, or at least fairly square to the target.

2) Both arms should be fairly straight without either extending or contracting the arms or elbows unnaturally.

3) The grip, with each hand, should be as high on the pistol as possible. (There are many subtleties of the grip, however, since this is a stance/index discussion, we won't go there now.)

4) The head should be fairly straight up, without excessive tilting, and the shooting eye should be looking as squarely as possible out of the socket.

5) This is paramount: Once your Index is assumed, your entire upper body including the head, arms, and grip, should not change in relationship to each other, while you are shooting.


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