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Which Mags Are Compatible With Which Guns?

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This thread was started by Erik and lost before the conversion. Research by Jim D. and Wiztech. Edits by Erik, Flexmoney, and benos.

Which magazines are compatible with which guns?

FAQs for Para, Springfield, Enterprise, Bul, SV, STI

The Para-Ordnance wide-body magazine type is shared by several guns, including Springfield Armory, Entreprise Arms, Bul Transmark, Kimber, and Wilson. STI makes a Para-compatible tube with its own benefits and drawbacks. Additionally, some of these guns may be modified to accept the Tripp-McCormick "modular"-compatible magazine types, available now from STI and SV.

Following are some relevant threads from the forums. Thanks to Jim D. for the research.

STI/Para Mags: setting up Para compatible magazines

Frames & magazines: cross-compatibility

para vs springfield: modifying SV magazines to fit a Springfield Armory widebody

Can a SVI mag fit into a STI pistol?

Edited by Erik Warren

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