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Which one?

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OK, we did this on a fishing/trashtalking forum years ago. Great game, here is how it is played.

1) Give your preferred choice in the post above

2) Give two choices to pick from for the next poster.

3) The choices you offer don't have to relate in ANYWAY to the ones posted above, but often they do!!!

An example would be:

Red or Black?


Then you post a choice as in:

Limited or Open?

It was the most viewed topic in the history of the forum, and to this day still lives.

OK, here goes

Short or Long Dust Cover?


And as Nemo found out, sometimes it moves fast, and someone will beat you to it. You will get the hang of the game quick enough, just answer the on that is there when you post. :D

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9mm Major or 38 super?

38 super

this month's blue press babe or last month's?

Kathy by a mile (this months) :surprise:

astroglide or slideglide?

i'm slwo



astroglide or slideglide

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