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ah hell, I can't get the link to work...:(

Shot this one yesterday. SteveZ had his fancy camera that takes videos too!

55pts/4.83sec Should bump me to GM Lim-10.

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try this.....

Tom's ElPrez Video

and look for a video link that says "Tom_ElPrez" ... or something like that.

My run wasn't quite as fast as "Speedy Tomzalas"...I was at 5.57sec @ 51 points. Slightly better than one of my previous runs...but not enough to do to much.

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I feel I can maintain my index better if I transition from Right-to-Left.

Anytime that I can shoot R2L I will. I think it's because the left side of my vision is more open to input because the gun is aligned with my right eye. It just feels more comfortable (accurate stops on target) moving to the left.

Thanks for making the link work Kathy.

You know there's only a dozen Lim-10 GM's in this sport?!!

Everyone need to start shooting more Lim-10. ;)

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I am still of the opinion that if they are going to just use Lim HF in L10 then they should transfer you over without waiting for you to shoot a bunch of classifiers.

As to the RL vs. LR, I practice about 70% RL becasue from reading and laziness we usually tend towards LR. But I want to be able to go either way depending on the course.

Of course with you drilling a 4.80 so smoothly it's hard to argue for going LR <_<

Again, nice run....oh yeah, and stay away from my club. B)

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Not that I'm at Tom's level (or ever will be) but I also have a preference for R- L for the same reason that Tom mentioned (things seem more "open" going that way).

The last time I shot this classifier, I turned to the left and engaged the right target first (drawing into the 'first' target) and did it in about 6.3 seconds. This time I decided to turn to the right and shoot the first pass L - R (drawing into the 'first' target again), then R - L on the second pass....my time this time was 5.57 sec. Don't know if the faster time reflects the difference in turning...or maybe I'm just faster now.

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I'm pretty sure I shot my best El Prez ever. It was the last stage I shot for the day (of seven), and we had some trying circumstances along the way. I attribute at least some of the nine points down to fatigue! I also bobbled my reload, so that had to cost me at least a few tenths if not more. I think the D hit was my first shot after the reload, and I panicked a little because I had trouble with my reload.

The good news is, I didn't think I could shoot an El Prez under nine seconds. Now I've jumped past that and gone under eight! Who knows what I can do if I actually did some dry fire practice and maybe used a race holster? I'm scaring myself! :lol:

Here are the results:

Limited 10

51 points (5A, 6C, 1D)

0 penalties

Time = 7.93 sec

HF = 6.4313 <-- looks like about 59.8%??

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Shot this in L-10 back in January of '03 and scored a bit over 45%...don't remember how fast it was, or what my points were.

Shot it again in Limited this past weekend

56 pts, 8.18 sec, 6.846 hf

I came in second on this stage to Blake Miguez, who shot an 8.5236 HF.

I wonder if shooting it indoors is a handicap, as the highest HF at our match was 10.17 in open, and we had TWO GMs shooting, and neither beat a 10 HF. It was really awesome to watch them shoot, though!


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A funny thing happened on the way to the classifier.

I LAMR and at the beep the first shot was a !@#$@!$ SQUIB!!! :mellow: nice.

I zeroed the stage, but they let me clear out, reload and run it for classification only.

Bad grip, lousy points, but my fastest El Prez in a match. (1.27 turn and draw, 1.15 reload).

LIMITED 4.71 / 48 points.

I am guessing around 94% am I close?

BTW got BOTH runs on video if someone can host em'.

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I just received my classification today. I classified "C" in Limited. I shot the el prez sunday and had these results.

6.70 time

51 points

7.6119 HF


I think if I can keep this up I may move up pretty soon.


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Mar 15, 05; Shooters Paradise monthly match/ set-up crew squad:

L-10 Major/SV Limited .40

6.13 Seconds

52 Points

8.48 HF

Looks good for a low to mid 80% score nationally; look out B class, here I come!

D.C. Johnson



B in Limited; C everyplace else

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49 pts, 5.57 seconds L10, unclassified

should be around 81 percent

sounded good, looked crappy.

man i really nailed the reload though.... ;)

also happened to shoot it in limited that day..looks like that run will be 75.1481 percent...C class limited with that being based on the first really crappy classifiers i shot. <_<

b class limited card is gonna be here as soon as they run the update...two 75+ percent classifiers in limited should help the percent out..

BTW i also have an 84 percent classifier in L10 too. might make A class before long. :wub:

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