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Frequently Asked Questions about Stock/Limited type pistols

Let's say Stock/Limited type pistols are autoloading pistols with iron sights (no scopes or electronic sights) and uncompensated barrels (no ports or chambers). There are other forums for Open blasters, Revolvers, and long guns (general or 3-gun).

Each of the following links goes to a topic in the technical threads forum. The moderator-created linked topic itself contains more links to threads in which members discuss the subject.

What weight recoil spring should I use?

Should I use a shock buffer?

Should I use a "recoil-reducing" guide rod/spring system?

How do I tune my Limited magazines, gun, and ammo to feed reliably?

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14 minutes ago, Kletus said:

Links seem to be broken.   They just point to the general forum list now.

Well, the post is over 13 years old and the forum has gone through at least 2 major re-hostings....

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8 hours ago, iwright911 said:

What is the best way to remove the bullet in the chamber?


You have a bullet (not whole cartridge) stuck in the chamber or forcing cone? 

Disassemble the pistol. Insert a tough dowel or a rod into the barrel. Push against something that isn't moving. If that isnt helping try hitting it with a mallet or piece of firewood. If using a metal rod, make sure it will not scratch the inside of your barrel.


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