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BrianEnos.com Blem Deals (Books/DVDs/etc.)

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NOTE: Blems are for U.S Sales only.
(Due to ridiculously high and impossible to predict overseas shipping costs.)

Now and then I end up with some "blem" (I can't sell them as new even though they are) items. So I figured this would be a good place to sell them cheap (approx. 50% off), with a little workaround on your part.

If you want to buy an item(s) - post what you want and that you are sending payment - in THIS THREAD.
Please do not (only) PM me - PM's "won't count."

That will let others know if items are sold, that may still be listed in this post.

If what you want is in the list below, and not listed in a Post as SOLD - post it (the Qty/Descrip) as SOLD and submit the funds for it.

To order one or more blem products:

  • Total the price for all the items you want - add $4.00 for shipping (for any quantity of items).
  • Go to my Donate Page: http://brianenos.com/shop/shopdonate/, enter the password to unlock that page: runtime - then enter the total price (inc. $4.00 for shipping) and "Donate."
  • Last, email me at: brian@brianenos.com - and tell me which Blems you ordered by Donating.

Please - don't look at this list today and then order tomorrow without re-checking here first.






Qty: 30. Slide-Glide - Lite or Standard - TUBE, $4.00 (tube slightly kinked from manufacturer)

Qty: 26. Slide-Glide Lite, TUB, $7.00 (either grease has "shifted" in tub; doesn't look perfect like I like to see them , or the lid's hinge is cracked or broken:)




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NOTE: A few days after an item is listed as sold, I delete the post indicating that.

Or in other words the items listed for sale are up to date.


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