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38 Super Comp 3N38 loads

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In 38SC you won’t have too much of a problem with case capacity until you use N105 or load really long (thus needing more powder). 


Haven’t used a Square Deal in a really long time so I don’t remember what the shell plate movement is like. If it “snaps” into place when advancing, you might have some spillage of powder. 


I used 3N38 and liked it but cost a lot. Have used 7625 and liked that but is discontinued, used Silhouette and that was fine, used N105 and that felt good but have to use so much powder it became expensive.


 I am currently using HS6 and it works for me and that was what was available in quantity a while back so I still have a bunch of it. Loading a Zero 121 grain JHP at 1.230” overall length in STI mags. 


With a 124 grain bullet you will use less powder than a 115 grain bullet. Try both and see which one you and your gun likes better. I haven’t tried the 115’s but the shooters I know who are using it really like it. 






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Hi Folks!


Today i made a chrono shooting with my new handloads. Gun is a Tanfoglio Gold Custom with the V12. See it for yourself! Sorry for the language...most of it is in german but i am sure you will understand everything on the picture! Powdercharge is JULY 2, 2015!


Greetings from Switzerland


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