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The IPSC Challenge will be an IPSC Level III sanctioned Tournament to be held at PASA Park, Barry, Illinois from 24 to 27 July, immediately after the USPSA Factory Gun Nationals.

The IPSC Challenge consists of six (6) separate matches, which recognise Open, Standard, Production and Revolver (handgun divisions) plus Rifle and Shotgun.

Competitors will shoot three stages in each match, and each match will consist of one short, one medium and one long COF.

Sponsors will provide guns and ammunition for Production, Revolver, Shotgun & Rifle matches. Competitors may use their own (or shared) guns and ammunition in the Open and Standard matches.

Six-member State Teams can compete for Tournament Team Awards. Each team member posts a team score for only one match, selected at registration. All team members compete in all matches.

Team members must be from the same U.S. state (International teams must be from the same IPSC Region).

The registration fee is US$200 per person and there will be a prize table (although details are not yet final).

And, for the really exciting part, the Range Masters for the event are USPSA Area 3 Director Arnie Christianson and yours truly!!!

I hope to meet some of the BE Forum members there.

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