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Here's my new SSD 1911 .40 that I just finished building... its been a project on and off for me this last few months (I did everything except the actual barrel fitting, which was done by Mike Johnson). Its a Caspian Race Ready frame, Caspian slide (pre-cut for sights), Storm Lake ramped .40sw barrel, EGW bushing, steel guide rod, Brown ambi safety, McCormick Extreme Grip safety and tactical mag release, SV trigger w short flat insert, STI lock parts, Bomar rear & Dawson fiber .100 front sights. Besides the frame and barrel, almost eveything else is from my "parts box", of take off/extra/ traded for parts.

The slide is stainless, with steel frame in matte silver finish. Grips a home made sandpaper finish. I opened up the magwell slightly and serrated back strap and trigger guard for grip. I'm running CmC 10mm 9 round mags, and they work flawlessly so far (I've shot about 300 rounds through 6 different mags) with my 1.190 OAL Limited load.

I'm calling it done, but may send it off to have matching front serrations added to the slide at some point. I think I might actually keep this one for a little while. :P




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It's been posted before, but what the heck.



Can the original poster or someone else tell me what grips those are? They look nice and... grippy. :ph34r:

EDIT... Nevermind, I read ahead and found out all I needed to know. Simonich Gunner grips. Gotta order some of those!

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Goto Strider Knives .Com and you can purchase

the various colors of Gunner Grips.


Many thanks... heading there now to check it out!

Sweet Avatar!!!!


Thank you. :)

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I like the Simonich grips, but I found these Falcon's for $20 at Midway. I believe Brownells also has them. Had to make my own notches for the S&A Magwell pin. Still for $20 .... can't beat 'em. Now to find an extended mag release that I like. What is legal in SS ?


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Basicaly stock Springfield. EB magwell, Houge grips, Wilson extended mag release, ISMI 14# spring, and I narrowed the stock front sight to .100".

I've only shot it twice, and it is scary accurate.


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Here's my latest: STI 'Lawman' purchased from a forum sponsor (CPWSA) a few weeks ago...I added an SVI aluminum magwell.

I'm still uncertain how I feel about this. There's some good and bad. The trigger is really rotten: it crunches during the take-up, then creeps, then finally breaks at about 5lbs (guess). She doesn't like the 8-round 'ACT/Novak/Armscor' mag that came with it, at least not from slide-lock, though my McCormicks work fine. I also had to crank the sight up almost as high as it would go to get zero. I should probably file the front down a bit.

However, so far it has run smoothly for 500 rounds (more than I can say for my Baer), feels good in the hand, and I like the sight picture. Slide to frame fit feels excellent, and the price on this pistol was very good!

I think with a trigger job this will end up being a very nice gun for SSD.


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Here's my Rock Island that was revamped by Miller Custom in Illinois.

Internals and mag release from EGW. Rear sight, flat trigger and slide stop are 10-8 Performance parts.

The gun will shoot 1.6" at 25 yards.



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Here is the only SS 1911 I have... and it's also the first [only] pistol I built.

It's nothing special parts wise; since it was my first build I didn't want to risk wasting a bunch of expensive parts.

I have about 1k through it now with no malfunctions (except one mag that doesn't like to lock the slide back), and it shoots about 3" at 50yds from sandbags.


I still want to add an SVI mag well and do a bunch of finish work, but not until I get 5k or so through it and feel it's going to last.... then I'll start working on a .40 :wacko: .



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