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Single Stack Photo Thread


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OK so I went over to Shooters connection today and BS'ed with Chuck. Ater about 3 hours and 5 times of saying " well I have to go" I just could not leave without bringing this home!

Ambi, fiber optic front sight, magwell And 40 cal. :D



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Hello Jake,

I had no idea you are a fellow Springfield TRP Professional owner with your certificate dated 09-11-01, too cool. I'll be at the single stack nationals this year with that pistol.

By the way, the S&W M&P I picked up from you has been flawless. Love it!

See ya dude!

Nice to hear about the M&P

The Pro is one I wish I never sold, but was made an awesome offer that I could not pass up

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Started out as a basic blue steel Kimber Classic.

Ken Hallock milled the slide for the Bo-Mar

I hand checkered it 20lpi.

Blended a CMC extreme beavertail and wide ambi Brown safety.

KART barrel, handfitted.

S&A magwell, blended.

Brazo front sight.

STI internals

Hard Chromed by METALIFE

This gun has had about a zillion rounds through it, and continues to be a fine shooter.






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Here are the updated photos of the TRP Professional with the short curved trigger installed and the arched S&A mag well put in place as well as the Dawson fiber optic front site.


and another one...DSC00524.jpg

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....because I can't edit my post (change pics) in my original post, here's a re-post with brighter pics.



My inwork SSD gun.

Springfield, 1911-A1, "Black Stainless".

It's in Stock configuration, but within a week the addition will be:

-Ed Brown Ambi's (stainless)

-C&S Hammer, Disco, Sear

-S&A Magwell

-Caspian rear sight, LPA

-Dawson FO front sight.

-Wilson extended mag releas

-Infinity trigger, Silver, long curved.

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Thanks, I would like to get down south this year and do some shooting around your area.

This is my new stock Springfield MC Operator. I just need a holster and some mags and cant wait for the season to start next month.

Welcome to ss Matt, nice gun

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This is my STI Trojan that Virgil Tripp chromed for me. Other than the STI mag well and EGW front sight, it's pretty much stock.


The gun I'll be using at the Single Stack Nationals. It's a stainless TRP with Yost hammer and sear and a set of Millett sights. And it's been radically de-horned by Springfield Custom.


My 9mm Kimber that I used last year in Single Stack. I like the gun but I can't shoot C's fast enough to keep up with a .45. It has STI internals, an S&A mag well, EGW front and checkering from Kimber's Custom Shop.


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I finally joined the SS crowd, here is my new Spartan. I still want to add a magwell and swap the front sight out for a black one. I refinished the frame today to give it a subtle two-tone look, also added some grip tape t the front strap. When I add the magwell, I will be changing the grips as well.


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They are Simonich Gunner grips, that are now being made by Strider Knives.

Brownells has them, but are currently out of stock. You can buy them online from many other places, just Google it. If you can't find any places just shoot me a PM.


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They are not only good looking, but GREAT grips. I love them. I saw them on a buddies gun and HAD to have them.


Edited to add:

I wish all the cool stuff I see and "have to have" was as inexpensive as those grips :wacko:

Edited by zhunter
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Big Will

That looks very cool!!

Thanks. The frame is a colt ser 70 that I modified. STI ambi, that I modified. Brown beaver. The frame will be black parkerized and black grips. EVERYTHING else is stainless. I'm happy with the slide. It is SS STI trojan (unmarked). I'm anxious to get it done.

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That's pretty funny... Here's my favorite Kimber done in the reverse colors.

It's a Custom Target II in which 100% of the internals have been replaced. I wore the finish off shooting CDP out of a Kydex holster for a couple seasons.. and had it refinished by Metaloy.... after I added the snake skin mainspring housing.


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