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Any Shooting Going On In Utah?

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email craig ( smokshwn ), believe he is from out that way..

found this info on web

* 1st Saturday of the Month - LTD sponsored USPSA match, Fruit Heights.

* 3rd Saturday of the Month - SLPSA sponsored USPSA match, Parley's Canyon. Match Starts at 9:00 am

* 4th Staurday of the Month - CAPS sponsored match, Logan Utah - New shooters orientation at 7:45 am. Walkthrough at 9:00

* 5th Saturday of the Month (if applicable) - MGA 3-Gun match sponsered by LTD at WSA range in Fruit Heights.

they have a state match too sometime usually in the summer..

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Great Craig!

I've just been accepted to a graduate program in USU and will spend at least two weeks a year there for the next 3. So, I'm looking forward to meet and shoot with you and your bunch!

Will definitely let you know when I'll be there.

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Definitely keep me posted and I will definitely get you hooked up. What Stu posted is pretty accurate as far as schedule. Keep me posted and we will get you shooting when you are here.

Take care, Craig

Got another guy inbound to you also. Our longtime treasurer is retiring and moving out there. He's moving to a small town about 60 minutes south of Salt Lake. Looks like he is 90 minutes away from any USPSA action though (according to the clubfinder). Maybe he can hook up with you and get the skinny on the local action once he gets there in March?

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