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If, while competing at a major USPSA match, I manage to break my main gun and have to resort to my backup, would it be OK to also change my holster?

If shooting one of the semi-auto divisions to me it wouldn't be a problem, but my back-up revo won't fit my main gun's holster.


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Rule 5.1.7 covers this. If the replacement gun has essentially the same sights, i.e. is set up for the same Division and will make "major" with the same ammunition (assuming your initial gun made major), and the replacement does not result in a "gained" advantage. it should be O.K.

The rules require you get the approval of the Range Master prior to using the "new" gun.

As for holsters, the rules do not restrict what holster you use as long as it meets the requirements set out in rule 5.2.x. I can not find anything on "replacement holsters".

I don't remember ever seeing it in the rulebook, but somewhere on the forum was a discussion about moving your holster or magazine pouches in the middle of the match. Don't know what the ruling would be and I've never heard of it being enforced.


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