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What Went Wrong?


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An IDPA stage with 3 threat targets and one no shoot on a swinger, which passes behind one threat and in front of another threat.

The buzzer goes off, I draw, take a knee, and engage the threats, near to far. I shot with a good cadence and focused on the front sight. I didn't feel rushed, but knew I had to get a good transition to the third threat to beat the swinger. The time was really good, but third target had a -3 and a mike, so that gets a FTN.

I didn't feel rushed and I remember seeing my sight pictures for each shot. Just wondering what could have went wrong and what others have learned from similar experiences.

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Just wondering what could have went wrong..

You are the only one who can answer this... what did you see?

It sounds like what you "remember seeing" was not what you actually needed to see to make the shots on the fast transition (to beat the no-shoot).

I would guess that the gun never stopped long enough to make either shot, hence the points down and FTN, but that's just a guess.

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