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Help Locating Rules For Heavy Metal Division

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I tried a search for the rules on Heavy metal division's equipment requirements. After much reading I saw many confusing opinions of how it ought to be but, it is not clear what the rules actually are. I thought I had the equipment to enter this division, but after reading for some time, I now think I don't.

I have never shot a 3 gun match. I was hoping to enter one that is coming up in less than 3 weeks.

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Just get a:

.308 rifle w/20 rd magazines, Iron sights

12 gauge pump shotgun, 8+1 capacity

Single Stack .45, Metal-framed, 1911 type, 8 rd and 10 rd magazines

With the above you will be legal in all extisting Heavy Metal and He-Man divisions.

If you enter a match that has a .40+ caliber rule... you are legal.

If you enter a match that allows auto shotguns... you are legal.

If you enter a match that allows scopes with the rifle... you are legal.

If you enter a match that only allows single stacks... you are legal.

If you enter a match that allows any .45+ cailber pistol with 10 rds max... you are legal.

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I was going to use M1A iron sights. No questions on that.

A Westernfield 550 pump. Same gun as Mossberg 500 with 28" barrel modified choke, 5+1. I had seen posts that said a 22" barrel was maximum length. I was hoping they meant minimum length.

Then I had planed to use a Glock 21, 10 round mags, but I saw posts about 45 single stack. I will have to get additional magazines for single stack. I only have 2 7 round mags for 1911. I would prefer to use the Glock since I already have 5 mags, mag pouches and holster for it. Plus that is what I have been using in Production Division.

Thanks for the all help for a newby,

Ron W.

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