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Ultimate Casefeeder How To!

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By this time I was dead tired as it was 1:00am. The bullet tray was mounted to it's support via 4 nuts and bolts privided then attached to the left side of the strong mount as so with teh remaing two bolts in the hardware kit provided with the bullet tray.


I also installed the aluminum roller handle. I was so tired a forgot to snap a pic. Mine went on without any clearance problems. I used both washers and it rubbed against nothing. I must be one of the lucky ones.

At any rate, this is what you end up with for all your hard work.


The only thing left was to install the casefeed plate. Depending on what caliber you have you may have to install a washer supplied with case feed assembly. It is straight forward and I also did not take pics of that. MAKE sure you do not over tighten the screws on the clutch assembly. In the event that yo have a jam it will alow the plate to stop but the motor to keep spinning and not burn out. FYI, for .38spl DO NOT use the washer as recommended. The hight created by it caused jams in my machine.

With teh exception of the casefeed plate issue if you take your time and set things up you will have no issues. Following what I did I put back on my .38 tool head, never readjusted and strated cranking out rounds right away. No bounce back, no crushed cases, nothing!

Well, I hope thsi helps and I didnt waste my time.

Good Luck Everyone

and thanks for a great product Dillon!!!

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