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Ultimate Casefeeder Hot To!

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Next loosen the rear left bolt attaching the press to the SM. Install the case feeder post support as so, finger tight. ( NOTE: it is instlled backwards in the pic, it was later corrected)


Next loosen the rear right bolt and swing the post support over. At this point you will also need to get the case feed cam and pu it ontop of the post support. Insert bolt and finger tight. Then remove the fron right bolt and swing in the cam and insert bolt and finger tight. You should end up like this. Dillon recommends pulling all 3 bolts out at once to do tis but I just rather do it one at at time.


Now comes cam adjustment. THIS IS NOT HARD AT ALL!!! Simply raise the shaft all the way up ( you should not have installed a caliber conversion yet but the tool head should have been removed.) till the spring loaded plunger bottoms out on the housing. Having left the bolts mounting the press to the strong mount loose will alow the cam to shift as needed to help in centering. Once this is done lower the shaft untill the roller bearing on the plunger is centered in the cam. Make sure that the cam is just bearly making contact and that the roller bearing is also centerd in teh cam. Tighten bolts! That's it, the cam is adjusted!!!!


Now you can attach the cartridge chute tha was never put in from the strong mount installation. Use the 3 bolts from the strong mount hardware bag. What I don't understand is that the 550 Case Feeder came with another cartridge chute that is identical to the one that comes with the strong mount. Oh well, i have an extra chute.


We can now take the operating rod we removed way earlier and reinstall it.


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