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Ultimate Casefeeder How To!

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With a 5/16" drill bit go to work. I used scrap 2x4 to hold underneath the bench as I drilled so I would not spliter it from underneath as teh drill bit came through.


Clean your mess and you should have this


Lift your press and line up the holes. Insert your 4 long bolts in using the smaller washers on tp and the larger ones on the bottom. Again, if you had used some previously to mount your 550 you can recylcle those or use the new ones supplied. If your holes are on the money your bolts will drop right in as mine did. You can tighten these bolts, we are now done mounting the 550 to the bench.


As a side note. Since I mounted my 550 as close to the edge as possible I had a bit of teh larger washer protrude. Thi scan be taken care of by dry fitting the bolts alone in the wholes with the washers and trimming off the excess with a dremel, you could also dremel them off as the stand right now. I dont mind the so I will leave them.


Also, some of you may have noticed I never installed teh cartridge shoot. That's becuase in teh directions for the 550 case feeder you are asked to remove it. I don't like doing double the work!!!

There yo have it, strong mount attached. PT II, the case feeder coming shortly.

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