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Ultimate Case Feeder How To!

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I got a 550 casefeeder for X-Mas alonh with other goodies so I decided to make the best how to I possibly could so here we go!

What this will explain is how to get a standard 550 up and going with a new strong mount, bullet tray and the 550 case feeder!

The tools needed for the entire job were

2x 7/16 wrnches

1 set of allen keys

1 dril with 5/16 drill bit


1/4" nut driver

With taking pictures and a few breaks along with a few snags the operation tool 3.5 hours. If you had to do it straight through budget yourself for 1 hour with no interuptions.

The hardest part is centering the new platform but even that wasnt a big deal. Anyway... here we go......

This is my 550. We have been together for 4 years!


This is only part of all the cool stuff my wife got me for X-Mas!

550 case feeder, large shell plate, .38 conversion, strong mount, bullet tray, aluminum roller handle.


This is my wife. Isnt she hot!


The 1st thing you want to do is open all boxes, everything layed out well organized and read all the instructions.



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