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2007 Area 4 Championship

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Hi Everyone,

Level I and Level II NROI classes are being planned for the Wed and Thu prior to this year's Area 4 Championship. Below is a note that I sent out to the Section Coordinators listed in the Area 4 web site. Unfortunetly 3 of the email ids listed there are not accurate and the email was returned undeliverable. Hopefully the note will get better coverage here.


Wayne Miller TY34768

Match Director

2007 Area 4 Championship

Hi Folks,

A Level I and a Level II RO class are being formed and are to be held in conjunction with this year’s Area 4 Championship in June and I need your help to spread the word to your shooters. I have listed below our expectations and can produce these classes with no problems if we can just get enough shooters to form the classes.

Each class requires a day and a half to complete. They would be held on June 6th and 7th just prior to the match. 20 students for each class would be ideal. Less will be acceptable and more would be wonderful.

The Range Master Instructors will be ‘local’ and working the Area 4 Championship so the USPSA fees would be half price. That’s about $15 for each student.

Rooms have been reserved at the Rodeway Inn & Suites for the students at a $49 rate for double occupancy but they can stay wherever they prefer.

We always need RO help at this match so some students not shooting the match and interested in working it could stay over and become match ROs. From that point on Area 4 would provide them a room, (double occupancy and at the Rodeway Inn only,) from Thursday night until Sunday morning checkout. Lunch at the range will also be provided Fri, Sat and Sun. Match staff personnel also receive a match shirt and a name badge.

Not all students would be needed therefore selection would take place prior to the classes by our Range Master, Tom Drazy. Those students selected would be notified in advance of our intention to use them in the match. And, as at all matches, the Range Master’s decision is final.

So, whether a shooter wants to just take the class, take the class and then shoot the match or take the class and then work a Level III Tournament afterwards, this would be the perfect opportunity for it. Plus the price just couldn’t get any better.

If anyone is interested in taking one of these classes please direct them to me at wwmiller@suddenlink.net or they can call me on my cell at 214-335-8468. I’ll be happy to answer any and all questions they may have.


Wayne Miller

Match Director

2007 Area 4 Championship

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