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Polls Regarding Production, Limited 10 For 2008 Draft Rules


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Please take the time to vist the USPSA forum and vote on the polls. We have an opportunity to influence the USPSA rules that take effect in 2008. So far we have about 140 votes. Which considering the size of this organisation is quite frankly, pathetic.

You will need to register to the forums www.uspsa.org/forum

And then click this to see the POLLs -----> Polls for 2008

If you have already voted then please check as there are some new polls, thank you...

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I don't know... I have not seen any updates from the BOD for a few days. They may be taking a break. There seem to be just a few of the proposed rules that are causing all the contention. There does appear to be a concensus on some of them but the division changes are just messy.

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The poll on keeping L-10 is no surprise. The only surprise is that anyone is still suggesting that it be killed off.

We had 38 shooters last Saturday. 10 of them were shooting L-10 and 1 was shooting SS. The breakdown of newbies goes like this:

L-10 - 5 shooters

Limited - 2 shooters

SS - 1 shooter

Production - 2 shooters

I guess it's not just me who thinks L-10 is a perfect division for a wide range of guns and equipment that a lot of people like. We've never had more than 1 SS shooter.

I took the opportunity to clue in everyone in my squad that they need to voice their concerns in the USPSA forums. Current L-10 shooters were surprised that our own AD is trying to kill off L-10 when the division is super solid in Area 6, while the non-member new shooters were equally unimpressed.

Apparently not a lot of members are troubling themselves to keep up with what is going on in the sport. This is also clear by the number of votes in any USPSA election.

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I shot L-10 for a couple years at the TX LTD Championship. I found it made me move my old fat hiney a little faster as there was always a reload to do. I averaged 4 mags per stage and allot of mag cleaning between stages. I'm for keeping the hi-caps for L-10 and using either dedicated 10 round mags (I have some) or blocking hi-caps to 10 rounds. If a guy has a Glock 35, he can shoot any division except revolver & SS and be legal in most states who mag capacity laws....

Folks in CA can shoot their hi-caps as 10 rounders there (and Canada, NY or any other socialist state) and as hi-caps in AZ next door...



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We should all email or call our Area Directors and tell them how we want them to vote. They are there to voice the majority opinion or wishes of thier Area. (To bad this is not an ideal world where things are done as they should be)

If they don't listen to the members in thier Area it is time to elect somebody new to represent us.

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Which considering the size of this organization is quite frankly, pathetic.

Equally pathetic is the turnout from the 8,888 members of this forum.


I guess that everyone who didn't vote is waiting for the new rules to become formal, so that they can bitch about how much they suck. <_<


I am with you on the participation but keep in mind that there is no requirement for a forum member to be a USPSA member.

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Chuck- They have time to join. :D

I am sorry that I did not make my self more clear: There is no reqirement for a Brian Enos forum member to be a USPSA member. I am sure there are people here who only do ICORE, Bianchi, IDPA, SASS or just shoot without adult supervision. Do not assume everyone here is a USPSA member also!

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  • 3 weeks later...

It was recently pointed out to me that of 20 people who showed up for a level I RO course in the last few weeks, only 1 person knew the rules were posted on the USPSA forum for review. That's pitiful from people interested enough in the sport to take the course.

A person like our own AD could show up at Area 6, ask Open shooters their opinions on L-10, and have many times the "customer feedback" he'd get from the USPSA forum. Of course those Open shooter opinions come from those who could care less about PSSD or L-10 and might agree to anything Mr. AD may suggest. I kind of doubt he spoke to the 53 L-10 shooters there. Maybe he tracked down the 11 PSSD shooters. Like I said, L-10 is popular in Area 6 and PSSD is another Revolver division in terms of attendance.

Personally, the lack of feedback from the BOD on this subject, pro or con, leads me to believe we are screwed. Our fallback plan needs to be vote these jokers who don't represent us out of office, and get L-10 back. We can take care of Area 6 this year, and we have a great person who will actually represent reality and her fellow shooters running against C. Bond.

I don't believe PSSD hurts the sport, and don't care if it stays around, but it doesn't come close to replacing L-10. Both divisions should be separate issues, but to the "L-10 killers" it obviously isn't. Until classifiers count for PSSD, we won't really know if it has a viable future or not IMHO.

I'll be making sure everyone is aware of this next Saturday at our match.

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