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Limited Division Win!


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Check it out Results

While I'll admit there were some shooters missing this month who can kick my butt all over the place, I don't really give a damn right now :P

I was a little down coming into this match because I haven't been able to work on speeding up this sloth's sprinting ability due to weather and the holidays. However the 120 point classifier 03-11 saved my butt. I shot a solid B class score on this while quite a few folks crashed and burned. This stage really killed my wife, but she is still showing steady improvement.

I was really surprised because I was working pretty steady in the match ROing and helping out what ended up being the "newbie squad". This ended up being a great squad because while they didn't know how to do much, they were very willing to paste, reset, and a few brave souls even gave scoring a shot.

My wife and I ended up having a great time, while I figured I shot a clean match and might finish in the top 10 overall.

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Robbie shot Open for a change, otherwise I'd have been screwed for sure.

The classifier was the only reason I won. Thank goodness for a pure test of nothing but shooting skill. I shot the rest of the stages clean, but my sloth-like attempts at speedy movement were a bit worse than normal.

I once accidentally trained myself to run slow, so this year I'm going to try and turn that around.

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