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Okay, I generally dislike my birthday...It's the day after Xmas so ever since I can remember there hasn't been anyone around to celebrate with (outside of family and even then the inlaws kinda' forgot about it six years running)....Festivities just aren't part of the bday routine.

This last birthday seemed pass as usual so I chalked it up as just another yearly marker. So it was totally unexpected to come home after having dinner out with my hubby to find a pile of friends with cake, beer, and ice cream. Heck there was even balloons and a banner. I was dumb founded! I mean who has a surprise bday party AFTER their bday?! Even the folks that couldn't show sent me an un-birthday present.

I have good friends and fantastic hubby....He's a heck of a sweetie to do this for me... :wub::wub: But I'm going to have to keep an eye on him now....He is way sneakier then I ever thought! :lol:

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