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Anyone Here Read Brad Thor Books?

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Wondering if anyone here reads Brad Thor's books. I have read all of them except the last one. He writes about a Secret Service Agent that is secretly santioned by the President to hunt down Tangos. It is a good read w/ lots of weapon usage and he gets the gun terminology and usage pretty good.

Here is the link to his website www.bradthor.com

If you see it in the bookstores, pick it up and give it a try.


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I too have read all his books and sent him an email, with vids on Scott Springer hosing stages in grand master fashion. He thought it was awesome, but trains in the style of instinctive shooting. Not sure what that is but according to Brad, he gets up to the line and doesnt really front site focus, just takes in the entire target. He liked the sound of Springer hosing steel. It was music to his ears!

Nice guy who likes chatting about all aspects of shooting. Ted Bell (author of pirate among others) was receptive to my discernment of his protagonists ability to draw, shoot someone dead while in a boat on rough seas in .05 seconds with a beretta from and ungodly distance above him. I guess anyone can be a superhero in fiction. :lol: I noticed in his next book there was no outlandish feats of marksmanship and he studied the hosercam vids.

Hopefully I wont get sued by scott for giving out his shooting vids. :ph34r:

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