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Sounds like a great idea to have place to document my practice and my goals.

No plans for major matches this year...the schedule and finances are too tight..

I am hoping to get into the Double Tap, shoot the CO state USPSA match, the CO state IDPA match and the Mile Hi Showdown..maybe more will come up.

My goal is to reach M in L10 and GM in production.

and you can't do that without working for it :D , so I hope to do that..

so today..I'm sick :(:wacko: ..managed enough strength to get to the basement..pick up the gun..take a couple of sight picture ( they were good ones) and then back to the couch..to watch Band of Brothers..

Remo Williams: Chiun, you're incredible!

Chiun: No, I am better than that.

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Been dryfiring about 30 minutes each night after work and the kids put to bed..

mostly smoothing out the draw again and working on reloads.

some occasional slopiness on a missed reload..but getting better.

was looking forward to a match this weekend..but last week was snowed out and this week's forecast is calling for 15 degrees as the high..

worked on my IDPA gun bit last night..got the trigger to 2.5# and did some dryfire exercises with that rig on too..

really want to get outside though...

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no matches yet...

weather fronts keep rolling in...middle of the week has been nice in the high 40s..but the weekend rolls around and the temp drops to mid 20s-low 30s and snow.. :angry:

will have to start taking some time off in the middle of the week to get to the range.. :blink:

hopefully Feb will be better..since January was snowed out.

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sun was out and we had a match..first for the section in seven weeks..for me..since November..

took myself to school and quickly found my weak points..

I shot four misses at this match.. :o

two misses came on a target I was engaging while moving across the berm. it was at the far end about 20-25 yards out..with the most of the target visible through a port.

the other two were also movement shots..one about an inch into hard cover..the other a partial shoulder and upper A/B behind a no shoot.


Work on shooting on the move.

my other goal for this match was to try out different ammo in match conditions to see what would be working best for the upcoming Double Tap match..

I used my Nationals match ammo as a baseline and tried out some other things..I found surprisingly..that I liked the way WIN Whitebox 147JHP performed.

The sights read well, shots are targer were in close pairs, seemed reliable and accurate. :D

so even though four misses (BOO!!!!), I felt pretty good with what I came away with. some weaknesses exposed, an option for match ammo, and finally getting to the range..

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  • 1 month later...

Got out to shoot a club match today..

felt pretty relaxed and good to be out after a freakin' long week..

my strategy today was to really let my frontsight control my trigger and movement..

on the first couple of stages..I did exactly that...not quite on pace..but out of 250 possible stage points I had dropped only 8 points ( 4 charlies shooting production)

I was pretty pleased by that..

the next two stages..I lost my focus..dropping points and having penalties..

my last two stages I regained some of my focus..doing well on the classifier..felt completely within my ability..good movement, reload and front sight..

the last stage..I shot smoothly, but gave up a few too many points.

overall..felt good..exposed some weaknesses and challenges..mainly how to keep focus over multiple stages..and taking time to develop good plans..even on the short look easy stages..

and then to cap off with a movie out with the kids... :D , a pretty good day..

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  • 1 month later...

well had laid off for essentially 5 weeks..which is never a good thing..work, family, getting a nasty eye infection..whatever..

anyway..all the forces came together to get me out to the range.. :D

so found some ammo..part of a box here, another there..grabbed my gun and set of mags..

I guess the lesson is even good days can be a struggle..nothing clicked today..every stage was a battle...mag not ejecting, one malfunction, dropping mags from the belt, learning to run.

I still managed a good classifier..even with the sticking mag in gun.. :blink:

oh well..a day is a day..now off for my motrin cocktail.

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Back at this weekend with another match..was really looking forward to getting out..and working on the basics


first stage..just nothin' ...no adrenaline, no excitment..no fun..

shot the second stage..and just an absolute funk...

so I packed up..when to the next range..and sighted in my CZ .22lr kadet (which was a little fun) and headed home.. :wacko::wacko:

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  • 1 month later...

well finally got some time to shoot a match.

the day was hot..but at least its Colorado, so the humidity is not a killer. I thought I was going to cry like a baby..but held out OK

The stages were good, nothing too tricky, or too difficult..just needed to develop good plans and execute.

each stage I was able to shoot a good plan..didn't drop too many points and no penalties for the day..it was pretty solid.

my biggest surprise, which inspires me a bit..was I posted a 100% classifier on Madness CM03-08 :D .

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  • 1 month later...

Was able to dig myself out from life a bit..and was able to head to the range to shoot and IDPA match..

what fun that is..people are nice..rules take a little to get used too..but I did alright..

unfortunately I dropped 30 points over six stages...two of them misses (-10 points )..trying to shoot half a upper (-0) zone on two targets and putting a shot about 1/2inch into the black.

otherwise I dropped and fumbled a partially loaded mag to the ground, :blink: had no procedurals..and had some fun at the range..

I may shoot this a little more.. :cheers:

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got out the range today..

spent most of the time coaching my son on shooting his 22lr rifle at a plate rack at 25yards..

he rocked the plates..going 6 for 6 on many of his runs..he showed great patience on getting his sights to settle and sometimes not shooting if he got too much wobble.

I then had time to fire a rounds at the rack..felt good. to see the sight on the plate. press the trigger..no plate. had two clean runs, running all six..then another clean run doing one shot draws on six plates..

good stuff..no matter where it comes from..

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no time for shooting matches or live fire....which is too bad..no way to verify any changes in performance..

been doing some drills without a timer..draws are smooth, reloads are happening..calling sights on my transitions.

spent yesterday in three 20 minute dryfire sessions..two with the production gun..changed my grips to test some thoughts on my presentation of the sights to the target..and one session with my single stack.

did a quick 15-minute session today with the production gun working again on draws and transitions.

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got a great chance for some training this weekend..

been working on some target transitions, reloads and draws with two different guns..been a nice diversion to have to think about shooting..

nothing on a timer..not really worried about times as I am about smoothness and consistency..

I ended switching grips on one of my guns as on the draw..the frontsight was more consistently placed on target.

took the night off from drills and ended up watching different shooting videos..

and playing some "Call of Duty"

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