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Cro Class - July 14,15,2007 - Little Rock, Arkansas


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Hello Shooters

CASA is hosting a Level 2 RO class, which means, Chief Range Officer. To qualify for this class, you must first be a current Range Officer for one year at the date of the Level 2 class. The class fee will be $60 per student. I haven't got all of the details on the class yet, just the confirmed date from USPSA.

I will post more info when I get it. Troy McManis will teach the class. He is on this forum regularly. Troy is very informative and funny to be around. I promise the weekend will fly by.

Here is the Level 2 application. Fill it out and mail it with a check for $60 to:


Make check payable to CASA.


PO Box 190701

Little Rock, AR 72219

Please before you mail the application to me, email me and make sure we still have room in the class.

I will be in touch.

Ron Johnston



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We still have room in the July 14th class. Troy McManus will be teaching us. He said we should be able to finish the class in one day instead of two if we show up with a drawn course of fire ready to go by 8am. You can take this class if you are an RO for less than a year I found out. USPSA will not send you your credentials until your one year as an RO is up. The class fee is $60 per person. Lunch will be provided for you.

Write me if you are interested

Once you register, I'll email you the directions to the class room facility.


Ron Johnston :)


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We had our class yesterday. It went smooth and we did it in one day. The Level II class is focused around stage design and arbitration. I already knew most of the stage design stuff, but the arbitration was very interesting. All of the students have to now design and draw 2 stages of fire for our final exam.

If you are an RO and would like to learn even more about USPSA then take the Level II class. You can contact NROI and set up a class in your area. Our club subsidised our class becasue the participation was only 11 students. But at least Arkansas has 10 more pending CRO's.

Ron J


here is the mug shot of our class. post-5240-1184509257.jpg

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