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Brass For 9mm


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Is brassman brass no longer in business ? can't get to the website... I've bought lots of brass from them previously.

Any particular brand of brass to stay away from in 9mm ?

What's a decent price for 1k lots ? i saw 22.00 at one site.. any cheaper on Ebay ?.



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Jeff, try the number to Brassman, I believe I read a thread where there is a problem with some people getting on his website. Give John a call and see what he has.

The only brass that I wont use in 9x19 is AMERC. S&B has a funky rim, but it runs in stock 9x19 guns, I dont know if I would try it for Major loads though, it is a little thin....I have 4 5 gallon buckets right now, and dont bother to sort.....


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I just tried brassmanbrass website it took two tries but I got the page,

Depending on whether you want mixed or same headstamp he shows prices from 22.50 -30.00/1000


Brassman Brass Contact Info

We are very easy to contact. The quickest response is by email.

John Johnson



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Thanks folks.. i have tried that page 20 times.. and nothing.. lol.. oh well.. i'll call him.

Thanks for the info.. i have a bid in on ebay at the moment for some brass.. 3k worth.. see how that turns out.

Appreciate it folks.



I have comcast and can't get to the website.


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Every now and again I find a deal on E-Bay. Last order I got 5000 winchester once-fired, cleaned, deprimed and rolled for 10.50/k shipped.. Just keep your eyes open for someone selling 1000 at a good price and ask when the auction closes if he has more..


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