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The only way you get better is to have others watch and help pick it apart.

Ohio Sectional - Stage 3 Byesville Blues.

My stage results were

27th out of 36

129 out of 155 points

30 point in penalties (2 mikes and a no shoot)

Time 28.86

HF 3.4304

Stage points 71.1121

Stage % = 45.88%

Things I have noticed

1. After the long transition I alternated up and down on the 5 target array. Should have shot across the top three and then across the bottom two or vice versa rather than 5 harder sight transitions.

2. Failure to seat the magazine is what caused the malfunction at the end.

3. Should have let the make up shot go. I think I had a mike and traded all of that time for an A hit.

Let'er rip boys and girls.

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It SOUNDS like doubletapping on a lot of targets, either that or you are riding the sights from one target to another with your eyes. Whatever it is figure out which and fix it, that alone will help tremendously with both points and time.

You aren't afraid to MOVE and move aggressively, that is absolutely outstanding. Try to float more into a position instead of coming in at 110 mph and hitting the brakes, floating in and shooting the very instant you are in the position is more efficient than crashing in and trying to regain balance and composure. This is something I struggle with every single time out. I end up wasting all the time I picked up hauling ass from one position to the next getting set up to shoot once I am there. Blend hauling ass with being ready to shoot the instant the position is there.

Without the penalties I would guess you would have finished a LOT higher. After each run is scored go clean mags and reload them. Think about what you saw, didn't see, should have seen, should not have seen, and most of all why did the bad parts happen. Spend a couple minutes on it. Knowing why is most of the battle.

Hope this helps.

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I had a little crash and burn on that one, so take this with a grain of salt...

- 30 penalty points. You gotta get those off your score sheet. (same for me)

- The reload after the front right position...took you all that distance down the path (um...again...same for me :( )

- Make up shots. They take more time than getting the hit to start with. Good that you saw you needed them. But, don't let speed take over your shooting...make vision the first priority.

- I'm OK with the high-low-high transitions on those 5 targets. Did you eat a Mike there? I did. That array set of targets was designed to suck you into shooting with speed. :blink:

- Stick that reload home. (what gun are you shooting?)

- It looks like you didn't shift your feet during that last reload, which left you in an awkward stance.

We shot a similar strategy. I started in the same position and took those first 3 targets.

But I only took the 3 paper from the right position over the table...I left those 2 little poppers for last.

Coming in on the 5 targets, I didn't go as deep. I stopped by either by that second set of tires or by a point where two fault lines came together (I forget which, but I had a visual cue). So, I came into those targets squared up to them.

Then I reloaded as I shifted my feet for the rest of the targets. I now had 11 rounds in the gun for those last 9 shots. That gave me two spares, but there was 3 steel. I was comfortable with that. I shot that last position left to right, finishing on the 2 poppers. I had had enough reference points to pick that last position so that I didn't have to do any extra shifting around for those last 9 shots (after shifting during the reload).

[A bit different, but here is the paper version of the stage]


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HSmith - I assume you are referring to "bang bang" pause "bang bang" rather than a smooth cadence between shots? It is likely that I am riding the sites.

Thank you for the movement tip(s). Will add this to the practice regime.


- Agreed on the penalites. I am going to fast because I had at least one penalty on about 60% of my stages.

- On the second reload before the long run, I take it I shoudl nail the reload and then haul ass huh? I took off and was running faster than I could reload and finished as I came to a stop. This is obviously counter to H's point of gliding in and shooting as you arrive.

- Probably did get one Mike on that array. I shot that portion clean when we had it at the club match in Aug. Not this time.

- I was shooting my HK USP .40 and I haven't missed a reload that way before. I have plenty of other ways to bobble them still. :wacko:

I was thinking that I wanted to get as deep as I could and then not have to move again. It didn't feel akward but looking at the tape I didn't give myself the best chance with my body position.

Thanks for the replies gentlemen.

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That was actually one of my better stages, even with a no shoot.

I finished 3rd in L10 @24.19 HF 5.7875/ 93.66%

I shot it the sameway Flex did, ending on the steel. The steel from the table is a longer shot and can take a little more time.

Nailing the reload moving from the table to the 3rd position and either conitnue to move while taking them or stopping in the middle worked better. Then move forward, while reloading to get into a better shooting position.

I picked up my no shoot on the back array, saw it in the white, and did a make up, ending up that it just nipped the target and I didn't need the make up.

It was a tough match, I ended up 5th overall in L10 and had mikes and no shoots on all but two of the stages. On stage 1 I managed 50 penalty points!!!!

It was easy to get thrown out of your plan and tripped up on what looked like straight forward stages. I was shooting to fast and forcing mistakes, it took 3 stages for me to calm down and have a decent run.

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On stage 1 I managed 50 penalty points!!!!

It was easy to get thrown out of your plan and tripped up on what looked like straight forward stages. I was shooting to fast and forcing mistakes, it took 3 stages for me to calm down and have a decent run.

That was like my stage 6, the Nuevo El Presidente, I hosed it bad. I was fast but buried both shots on a no shoot and ended with 40 penalty points and a .51 Hit Factor. The word Fugly comes to mind. :angry:

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The run looked pretty good...make sure to keep the gun up when you are running, and when you break down a stage and decide how to run it, never make difficult shots when they are much easier later.

Those two poppers could have been easilly engaged at the end of the stage, and they were MUCH closer then.

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Pickles - note to self, "leave RO in the dust in the future". :D

Pharaoh - good to know. Looking at it know I can see that it was high risk, low reward. My thought was to just throw a couple of rounds down there and if I hit them great, otherwise I could pick them up later. I can see the error in my ways now. I take longer to take the long distance shot, and if I don't hit them and decide to get them at the end from the easy spot, I have added unecessary time.

Thank you both.

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That array on the left was plenty open to shoot on the move down the walkway...

Hmmmm...all partials with hard-cover, 10 shots, 10 in the mag and not wanting to go to silde-lock, shooting minor, on the move, from ~10-18y ?

You stud you. :)

I might give that a go in Limited. How did you shoot that in Limited, Matt? First 6, reload, right 6, 10 on the move, reload and finish l to r ?

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I read the stage briefing. You started the stage from an awkward position. Try standing in front of the marks on the wall in what would be a more normal start position (you'd end up in a position close to a wrists above shoulders start) On the signal draw and take the step sideways you need to shoot the targets. It takes less time to do than you think, and it is less likely you'll be chasing the holster or miss the draw.

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