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Sv 38 Super Feed Lip Specs


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I did a search but I'm not finding the info I want.

I'm in the process of getting my Bianchi blaster feeding 100% over the winter. The front lips on my mags (SV) are ~0.325". The ISMI mag spring literature says spec is .355-.365". Can someone confirm these specs before I start bending things?

It has been quite a while since I set up my 40 tubes, which once setup via BE's and Bevin's advice have been great (knock on wood) and I want to give the same treatment to my super.


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I just got off of the phone with them (funny, as soon as I hit submit here, I hit SV on the speed dial).

Right now the mags feed about 95%. I've had nosedives with all of them at some point. And, thanks to Mr. Murphy, some of the most memorable were at Bianchi (I have way too much experience clearing jams on the clock <_< ).

I'm running the new Gram's followers and springs, but in 4 of 5 mags, the follwer does not rise all the way to the top when empty, unlike my 40's. Now, this could be either (1) the tube is too narrow at the top or (2) the follwer is a bit too fat for these tubes.

Just trying to figure it out and squeeze every last ounce of reliability out.

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