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2007 Wisconsin Section Championship

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I may do a Nancy Carrigan (ice skater who had her knees whacked before a major competition by whats her faces boyfirend for those that don't remember...) on you and see if I can steal a victory..... :ph34r:


It was good to meet you.

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Here's a bit of fun trivia. The people who won Limited, Limited 10, Production, Open, and Single Stack this year, also won the same division last year.

Interesting! There is a new champ in Revolver Division, Keith Ulfers shot a fine match and took the trophy.

Jake, congratulations again on your victory in Open. It was nice seeing you and Matt (who also shot lights out) and Larry (ditto) and all the other great guys from around the country who attend this match. I'm just glad I managed to shoot your stage with no penalties and thereby avoided having to embarass myself trying to do push-ups in the sand that you threatened me with..... ;)

:lol: Push-ups! What a great motivator.

Thanks Mike.

I'm happy with my match. With the exception of the no-shoot I shot on stage 1. Twice. From 3 yards away. <_<

This was another typical great match from the WI section. Thanks!

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Sent Thank You emails to Matt Burkett, Springfield Armory, and City Brewery so far.

Yet to come DPMS, and our host here - BEnos. I saw that he had sent several copies of his most excellent book. I know that I have benefited from the copy I got last year.

Anyone else remember to 'kiss the girl what brung ya'?

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