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New Member Been Away From Shooting 17 Years


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I just started shooting again about a month ago, went to a match with my old gun had a good time and got whipped real good!!

Seems 10rnds in an open gun just dont cut it.

:blink: So I bought a new STI TRUBOR and stuff..$$$$ If I just cut back on that food thing it will be ok.

AS with any new toy this one has its little problems .

I will need some good advice tuning this gun I like it but I have a lot to learn.

Thanks Jim

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Welcome to the Forums, Jim.

Specific questions will get you the answers. :)

Thanks Merlin!

I have worked out most of the bugs , but the slide slow cycles .

If the gun is HOT it runs great but if it gets cold it jams alot!!

I am using real thin lube and the gun likes alot of it, too dry it jams.

I have stoned all the usual suspects ,leading edge of breach ,bottom of slide,guide rod ect.

The gun has about 2500rnds on it and has not realy improved.

I have a match this saturday and its going to be very cold ,this gun just wont run cold!

Insanity is closing in on me :wacko: .

any ideas would help


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Kinda hard for me to diagnose without actually seeing your pistol. I would guess it's a lub problem if it runs when it's hot. You could try an eight pound or nine pound recoil spring. Sometimes it takes over 2500 rounds to fully break in a tight open pistol. Mine took around 4k. :o

What exactly is it not doing? Failure to feed or eject?

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I don't think it's spring related, but I thought I'd ask and it sounds like you have a common working setup.

The cold/hot difference really points to a lube issue, but it could also be a clean vs. dirty problem. Does the gun run while cold but dirty? Something to check, it doesn't make much sense to me though.

MCM is thinner than FP-10 but you did mention the gun seems to need a lot of lube to run. Of course "a lot" is subjective but over lube is a common cause of malfunctions too. Damned if you do (over lube) and damned it you don't (the gun jams when dry).

The Internet may not take you far in this quest, a call to a good gunsmith sounds like a better plan.

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Thanks for the help guys!!

when its hot 20--40rnds hot it will shoot low power loads 124 zeros at 1100..or major pf 124@1350+ very well.

major load is 124 zero 10.1gr aa#7 1.1750 oal wsrp.

But if cold ..room temp or less it slow or short cycles failing to completely eject.

When hot and over lubed the brass leaves @ 2oclock and lands 2 feet away.

Very strange problem...I just dont understand???

When I first got the gun two weeks ago, the slide would actualy catch and stay open on the disconector.. I stoned the ramp on the breach face to a radius, still hung,.

I found that the disconector would not go down far enough th clear the slide, and was actualy galling.

I disasembled the lower and stoned about .005 off and restored the radius on the disconector..

after that the slide seems free.

I just dont know where to go from here.

Thanks alot for any help...Jim

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Thanks Bill!

I like your mouse!

I dont have a smith.

Any problems I have I will have to solve myself.

This is something I have not seen in my limited experiance.

I wont give up,I will make this gun work even if I have to carry around a HOT BOX or leave the gun on the defroster vent in my truck!

Or wear it out shooting single shot!!

I will give this gun NO QUARTER!!

PS my

avitar looks nothing like me,my wife swiped it off the internet somewhere :blink:

Thanks again ..Jim

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It sounds like the slide/frame fit is still very tight. Keep shooting it. If it were me and it still hadn't broken in after 2500 rounds, I'd lap it a bit more.

ETA: How tight is the fit when you take out the barrel/recoil assembly and slide them together by hand?

Edited by Matt Cheely
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Thanks guys .

I will try some springs.

I have to admit the slide frame fit is very tight as is the barrel lock-up.

I will be going out today , looking for powder,primers and very fine valve grinding compound.

Thanks again, I live in a very rural area and dont have anyone to look to for advice.


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