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What Are The Other Large Steel Matches?


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Hi everyone,

I live in the St. Louis area, so I will be shooting the Pro Am Steel match at the Arnold and Rifle and Pistol Club in May '07.

I just got a PM back from DougC (Doug Carden) about the Big Dawgs Steel match in Iowa.

Besides the big Steel Challenge match that Michael Bane does coverage on through his show the Shooting Gallery, what other large steel matches are there?


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Note to self: must check out match announcements subforum more often. :unsure:

Georgia Match this weekend..... :o:blink:

I didn't know....darn!

And one other silly newb question:

Is there a governing body for steel matches?

Or does each one set up it's own set of rules based loosely on whatever?

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The American Handgunner in Montrose Co is an all steel match along with the warmup match The Winchester Challenge. Has drawn in recent years @150 shooters. The Winchester is one day, approx round count 700rds. The Handgunner is 3-4 days, round count limited only by your success. http://www.sanjuanrange.com. It is a lot of fun & a very nice place for a vacation. This year the match is in early July. If you like steel & love shooting, this is a real kick! MLM

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Yep, we are all "OUTLAW" matches..... :lol::lol::lol:

We pretty much blantanly copied most of the same rules and regs from the PSA since they have nailed what is needed(with permission of course) ;)

The PSA has pretty much set the bar really high for a quality steel match that is set up for the shooters, and that is what we have tried to duplicate!

Jeff LaFave (Barretone) spoke of a possible steel match in his neck of the woods as well, so stay tuned for that if he is able to set one up in Michigan as well.

Still loading ammo for steel matches as we type...... :blink:


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Pioneer Sportsman Club in Dunbarton, NH is holding the NewEngland Steel Challenge Championships on July 28 -29. (I think it's the same weekend as the Big Dawgs match in Lowel, Iowa).

Trophies in all divisions + Leatherslap side match.

Sanctioned by SCSA as a Regional level match.

Here's there link - http://www.pioneersportsmen.org/steelchallenge.html

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There is also a steel match like PSA on June 9th and 10th near Columbus, Ohio at http://www.briarrabbit.com/. Last year there was around 40 to 50 shooters as it was just the first year. They had a few guns to give away and a lewis class cash payback system. The owner of the range has been putting alot of time and effort into building more steel. I also know though this match is the same weekend as the World class of steel in New Jersey. Last year I went to Jersey and shot on friday and saturday and then came back saturday night to shoot this match on Sunday so it was a long weekend. If you are around ohio and want a steel match Briar Rabbit is the place to go. If you have any questions just ask.

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