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550 Crank Assembly

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Believe it or not I managed to wear out the crank on my 550. of course a quick call to Dillon and a replacement was at my door in no time, gotta love Dillon!

Unfortunately I am a mechanical retard. I proceeded cautiously in attampting the replacement. HOPEING to not break anything else, which I didn't. But I didn't get it all together either.

Hopefully someone here can provide me with some insight.

My press is older. to remove the proken crank I had to pop out the "Main shaft pivot pin" as well as the "Link arm pin" (I have no idea what I am talking about and can only name the parts with the help of my manual sitting right next to me).

The new crank came with a replacement "Link arm pin". My older press had one that fit through the "Link arm" and the crank itself and was secured on either side with those "C" shaped locking washers (Likely not the right term, but I dont have a diagram that includes them so I do not know the name".

My problem is this. The old "Link arm pin" fit through everything so all that needed to be done was line everything up and tap it through. the NEW "Link arm pin" is larger where it fits through the crank. So it will NOT slide all the way through the "link arms". I can move one of the link arms out of the way, push the pin through the crank, then one of the link arms but once this is done I can not get the opposite link arm on the other end of the pin.

It SEEMS like what I need to do is remove one of the link arm pins on the top, but I have no idea how to do this.

Is this what I need to do? If so what is the best way to do it?? I notice that the RIGHT link arm pin is hollow. Is there a reason for this??

Hopefully I am describing this correctly. My bet is that what I need to do is not difficult, but I do not want to further damage my machine in an effort to repair it. This happens to me frequently when I start working with tools. I usually end up further breaking the broken whatever I am working on.

AND my case feeder is due for delivery on Wednsday . . . . So wish me luck;)

Thanks in advance for any insight anyone might have.


Youngstown, Ohio

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The shellplate and platform must be removed first. This allows the shaft to slide out the bottom of the frame.Then run a long punch through the hollow link arm pin to drift out the

solid link arm pin. Now run the punch through the hole to drift out the hollow pin. Liberally grease the pins,and the holes in the link arms.Attach both link arms to the lower pivot pin in the crank, then liberally grease the holes in the frame, the two upper pivot pins, and pound them back in. Re-install the shaft, then use the alignment tool and instructions that came with the crank to install and realign the platform. Feel free to call DIllon for assistance while you are in front of the loader :ph34r:

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thr right pin is hollw to allow you to slid a drift pin through it so you can drift out the left pin.

Ah so I would have to remove the "Main shaft" to get to them? Sounds like a lot of trouble.

Thanks for the info. HOPEFULLY I can get everything realigned properly, Mechanical things are not my strong point.

But I want to get everything in the best shape possible for the "Winter reloading season". Hopefully with this taken care of and the case feeder (which will arrive tomorrow) I should be good to go.


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